Jumbled – WIWL [Album] [2016]

Jumbled – WIWL [Album]
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01. Ullnevano – Hampden Session
02. Terri Gross
03. Berko Lover – Sam Adams
04. Time to dance
05. Stillborn Identity – Ineita Break
06. Just a fan
07. Height Keech – Lamplight
08. With pen in hand
09. Dwell & salk. – Train of Thought
10. We’re just playin around..
11. Bito Sureiya – Hark who flows there
12. Barbara’s break
13. Bigelow Riders – That’s the Way it Goes (pantyhose)

Jumbled – WIWL

Also Available On: “Wish it was longer” lathe cut 8″ Record/Vinyl

Jumbled – wish it was longer. [Harford and reckord #19]
All songs produced by Jumbled in 2014-2016.

Album cover by Russell Hite
slight edits by John Burton

Thanks: Rachel, Clint, Lew, Nick aka Bito, Russell, John (another JB), Ullnevano, Cody, DJ aka Jack, Davy Hamburgers, Berko, Dylan, Jacob, Kente + Josh + Ike / NASA8, Tislam + 410 Headnod, Jujuan, Elon, Andrew, Freaky (Llamadon crew), Daniel at 16 Tons, Action Bastard, Matt at Classical Trax, DJ Franco, Height Keech, and any buddies that came to see me play at Beet Trip or 16 Tons. – where is Izaac?

Album title inspired by friends that got an early preview, and both said that they “wished it was longer.”

PS – your record store sucks if you don’t have a spot to listen to records…