Compilation Mixtape

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol​.​1 – 1990​/​1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side [Mixtape] [2016]

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol.1 – 1990/1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side [Mixtape]
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01. 1(Supa Side)- Intro Originals ads
02. 2(Supa Side)- Kool G Rap “Erase racism”
03. 3(Supa Side)- The Ruthless Rap Assassins “Justice – Just us”
04. 4(Supa Side)- Compton’s Most Wanted “Growin’ Up In The Hood”
05. 5(Supa Side)- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien “Pissin’ on your steps”
06. 6(Supa Side)- Frescho & Miz “Ain’t U Frescho”
07. 7(Supa Side)- Edo G & Da Bulldogs “I got to have it”
08. 8(Supa Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Check the Rhime”
09. 9(Supa Side)- Poor Righteous Teachers “Easy Star”
10. 10(Supa Side)- Lord Finesse “Fat for the 90’s”
11. 11(Supa Side)- D-Nyce “Time to Flow”
12. 12(Supa Side)- L.A Star “N.P.T. Posse”
13. 13(Supa Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick it -LP Version & Spirit mix”
14. 14(Supa Side)- Black Sheep “Have U.N.E Pull”
15. 15(Supa Side)- Intelligent Hoodlum “Game Type”
16. 16(Supa Side)- LL Cool J “Eat’ em up, L Chill”
17. 17(Supa Side)- Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Baby, you Nasty”
18. 18(Supa Side)- Heavy D & The Boyz “Do me, Do me”
19. 19(Supa Side)- MC Lyte “Poor Georgie”
20. 20(Supa Side)- Big Daddy Kane “Mister Pitiful”
21. 21(Supa Side)- EPMD feat Redman “Brothers on my Jock”
22. 22(Supa Side)- Nice & Smooth “Hip Hop Junkies”
23. 23(Supa Side)- Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf “Move”
24. 24(Supa Side)- MC Trouble “Points Proven”
25. 25(Supa Side)- Professor Griff “Rap Terrorist”
26. 26(Supa Side)- UBC “UB Style”
27. 27(Supa Side)- Black Sheep “The choice is yours”
28. 28(Supa Side)- Boogie Down Productions “Blackman in effect”
29. 29(Supa Side)- Sister Souljah “The hate that hate produced”
30. 30(Supa Side)- Outro Original ad Jordan & Spike Lee
31. 1(Phat Side)- Intro Originals ads
32. 2(Phat Side)- Queen Latifah “Nuff’ of the Ruff’ Stuff'”
33. 3(Phat Side)- Tim Dog “Fuck Compton”
34. 4(Phat Side)- Geto Boys “Trigga Happy Nigga”
35. 5(Phat Side)- Run DMC “Word is Born”
36. 6(Phat Side)- DJ Mark The 45 King “The 900 Number”
37. 7(Phat Side)- Gang Starr “Take a rest”
38. 8(Phat Side)- De La Soul “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)”
39. 9(Phat Side)- Brand Nubian “Drop the Bomb”
40. 10(Phat Side)- Nikki D “The Beauty Shop”
41. 11(Phat Side)- Tim Dog “Low Down Nigga”
42. 12(Phat Side)- Intelligent Hoodlum “No Justice, No Peace”
43. 13(Phat Side)- The UMC’S “One to grow on”
44. 14(Phat Side)- KMD “Nitty Gritty”
45. 15(Phat Side)- Ultamagnetic Mc’s “Poppa Large”
46. 16(Phat Side)- 3rd Bass “Portrait of the Artist as a hood”
47. 17(Phat Side)- Pete Rock & CL Smooth “The Creator”
48. 18(Phat Side)- Leaders Of A New School “The International Zone Coaster”
49. 19(Phat Side)- Marley Marl & MC Cash “At The Drop Of A Dime”
50. 20(Phat Side)- A Tribe Called Quest “Luck Of Lucien”
51. 21(Phat Side)- Audio Two “Start It Up Y’all”
52. 22(Phat Side)- Freestyle Fellowship “Legal Alien”
53. 23(Phat Side)- Main Source “Live At The Barbeque”
54. 24(Phat Side)- The Jaz “Ease Up Jaz”
55. 25(Phat Side)- Naughty By Nature Uptown “Anthem & O.P.P” (Odweeyne edit)
56. 26(Phat Side)- NWA “100 Miles and Runnin'”
57. 27(Phat Side)- Public Enemy “Fight The Power”
58. 28(Phat Side)- Organized Konfusion “Organized Konfusion”
59. 29(Phat Side)- Ice Cube “Turn Off The Radio”
60. 30(Phat Side)- Eric B & Rakim “Run For Cover”
61. 31(Phat Side)- Cypress Hill “Real Estate”
62. 32(Phat Side)- Godfather Don “Keep Sweatin'”
63. 33(Phat Side)- Heavy D & The Boyz “Don’t Curse”
64. 34(Phat Side)- Outro L.A Gear & M.Jackson

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab – Kicks in the Crates Vol.1 – 1990/1991 – SUPA & PHAT Side

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