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Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2 [Album] [2016]

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2 [Album]
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01. Katalyst Overture 2
02. Streetdreamers (feat. Cash KRZMA)
03. Turkish Smoke (feat. Sultan Tunc)
04. So They Say (feat. Benny Diction)
05. Nonedaless (feat. Infinite Livez)
06. Machines (feat. Melody Myla)
07. Je Fais Ce Que Je Veux (feat. GIL)
08. Black Pyramids (feat. Tob One & Busy Bars)
09. Au2mnism (feat. Ethnique Punch)
10. Knobe (feat. The Hinderance)
11. Borsch Antistar (feat. Melody Myla)

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​2

Also Available On: Wermonster Katalyst Sessions Vol.2 Cassette Tape

Wermonsters’ Katalyst Sessions Volume 2 sees the Berlin-based producer expand upon the first in his Hip-Hop centred series, which initially made its debut in 2014 on Melbourne’s Uncomfortable Beats label. Volume 1 received praise for its mixture of classic 90’s sampling techniques and raw beats, combined with Wermonsters’ signature off-kilter synthesised soundscapes.

For this particular project vocalists from across the globe were invited to collaborate over a selection of instrumental tracks taken from the first release, transforming them from short sketch based pieces into fully structured, eclectic songs.