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Dibia$e – Baker’s Dozen: DIBIA​$​E [Beat Tape] [2016]

Dibia$e – Baker’s Dozen: DIBIA​$​E [Beat Tape]
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01. One4jax
02. They Act Brand New
03. Soon
04. Here For U
05. Late Stroll
06. Just The Way
07. B4uGO
08. Grungedout
09. Sweethart
10. Luv Suite
11. She’s Kickin
12. Electric Chords
13. Play Time Is Over

Dibia$e – Baker’s Dozen: DIBIA​$​E

Also Available On: Limited Vinyl

Fat Beats Records is proud to present Baker’s Dozen, an exclusive vinyl series that shines a light on the best minds of instrumental hiphop, ambient, and electronic music. Each installment gives one artist carte blanche to capture their signature sound.

Every volume’s 500-unitstrictly limited vinyl pressing features one artist and twelve tracks, but only 250 units will contain the thirteenth track — the eponymous “baker’s dozen bonus” — on a flexi disc. The LPs also come equipped with a 5×7” postcard insert that features a photo of the artist’s workspace along with the equipment used in their music-making process. Visually cohesive and packaged with the utmost attention to detail, Baker’s Dozen is a series that speaks up for artists whose craft renders voices superfluous, whose instrumentals alone suffice to make a statement.

Volume One highlights Los Angeles born / Sacramento based beat maker Dibiase, whose style is best described in his own words:

“It’s crazy to think that my equipment collection and beat making process started back in high school with just an 8 second Gemini sampler and a Sony Walkman. It was a super basic set up. Back then I used whatever I could get my hands on. Finding different samples, looping them up, running the layers back through the Walkman. Adding more layers and repeating that process until I had a beat. It worked.

My process is a lot different now but in some ways it’s the same. I still do a lot of layering. I use a combination of hardware and software. Sometimes I start with a sample. Sometime I start with drums. It depends on my mood and the genre. Sometime I use a kit. Other times I will sample and layer drums, run them through another piece of equipment like the SP-12 or 404 to dirty them up, then dump them back into Ableton.

I really don’t have a set way of doing things musically. I like to experiment with different technics and styles. I like my music to have a certain sound. Most of the time I let the process happen naturally.”