Instrumentals Remixes

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles [Remixes/Instrumentals] [2016]

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles [Remixes/Instrumentals]
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01. The Clipse – Virginia Rmx
02. Sean P – Rumblestick Rmx (Cuts by Dj Access)
03. Freddie Gibbs x Scarface – Broken Rmx
04. Redman – Can’t Wait Rmx
05. Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues Rmx (Cuts by Dj Access)
06. Biggie x Ghostface x Reakwon – 3 Bricks Rmx
07. Scarface – Never Rmx
08. Necro x Ill Bill – Death Rap Rmx
09. Pow Pow (Interlude)
10. Artifacts – C’mon With The Git Down (Mono:Massive Rmx)
11. Love Dem G’s (Interlude)
12. Eazy E x Mc Ren – The Muthafucking Real Rmx
13. Snoop x Bizzy Bone – Ya Style (Pawmix)
14. Pimp C – Hogg In The Game Rmx
15. Ice-T x King Tee – Check Your Game Rmx
16. Dead Presidents x Let Me Ride (Interlude)
17. Sean P. x Havoc – Anderson Silva rmx
18. Freddie Gibbs – Harolds Rmx
19. Matters Outerlude
20. Virginia Rmx (Instrumental)
21. Rumblestick Rmx (Instrumental)
22. Broken Rmx (Instrumental)
23. Can’t Wait Rmx (Instrumental)
24. Ill Street Blues Rmx (Instrumental)
25. 3 Bricks Rmx (Instrumental)
26. Never Rmx (Instrumental)
27. Death Rap Rmx (Instrumental)
28. Pow Pow Interlude (Instrumental)
29. C’mon With The Git Down Rmx (Instrumental)
30. Love Dem G’s Interlude (Instrumental)
31. The Muthafucking Real Rmx (Instrumental)
32. Ya Style Interlude (Instrumental)
33. Hogg In The Game Rmx (Instrumental)
34. Check Your Game Rmx (Instrumental)
35. Dead Presidents x Let Me Ride Interlude (Instrumental)
36. Anderson Silva Rmx (Instrumental)
37. Harolds Rmx (Instrumental)
38. Matters Outerlude (Instrumental)
39. (Bonus) Sample Snitch Mix

Pawcut – Brass Knuckles

Also Available On: [Tape] Brass Knuckle Beats or [Tape] Brass Knuckle Remixes

With “Brass Knuckles” Pawcut remixes his favorite MC’s through hip-hop history for our enjoyment on two versions (vocal & instrumental) For the very first time we decided to release this project as a double tape. One tape features instrumentals and the other remixes with vocals. This is a limited “rare” edition since we won’t make more later on. As we don’t claim rights on the remixes, The album should be considered a free download. We enabled “name your price” to allow you to add it to your collection on the Bandcamp community and also show some support for the instrumentals if you wish to do so.