Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1 [Mix] [2015]

Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1 [Mix]
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01. El Fantasmas Espejo, Pt. 1

Age​ – ​El Fantasmas Espejo, Part 1

Also Available On: Limited Cassette release. Only 15 copies produced.

A Collection of Various Latin Records from all over the world.

**Note:These were all donations from a former radio station dj at K*** FM (And out of respect and his request, he will remain Anonymous)

All records (with the exception of the “Carlos Ramos & His Orq. Fuego”, were part of this large collection that I was given. This is part 1 of 2, so please, enjoy the mix.

This mix was issued in 2009, and was featured on several sites; included those are soulstrut, nerdtorious blog, discos alma, and several others.

This is the first and last time it will be issued on any format.