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Odeeno – Puzzlee [Beat Tape] [2016]

Odeeno – Puzzlee [Beat Tape]
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01. Chckm∆te
02. Keepithr
03. IW∆nnbe
04. Tlkabtorlov
05. Sweetenchntmnt_
06. Trnmeon
07. Woldyumaind
08. Whtyusay
09. human
10. Wakeman
11. Sunshne
12. Flotngclds
13. Loosee
14. Topple

Odeeno – Puzzlee

Also Available On: Odeeno – Puzzlee – Cd’s Limited Edition

At the beginning, the art of the puzzle seems an art short, slightly thick, all contained in a meager teaching Gestalttheorie: the object targeted – be it an act of perception, learning, or a physiological system, in our case, a wooden puzzle – is not a sum of elements which should firstly isolate and analyze, but a set, that is, a shape, a structure: the element does not exists prior to the whole, is not more immediate or oldest, non- are the elements to determine the set, but the set to determine the elements. cit.Georges Perec, 1978