Billa Qause – Zentai Teki Ni The EP [E.P.] [2016]

Billa Qause – Zentai Teki Ni The EP [E.P.]
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01. 5 O’clock In The Morning with Vickda Kreed
02. Ducks Padding
03. La Perle Blue
04. Misty Mountain with Madness Key
05. Storm with Elephant Phinix / Mc Yinka
06. The Blessing Of Emerald
07. JuBillation
08. Divine Love

Billa Qause – Zentai Teki Ni The EP

Also Available On: Limited Edition Compact Disc

“Zentai Teki Ni” in Japanese means “all around”
In Zentai Teki Ni the EP the journey continues into unexplored and mysterious places.
This time in darker paths, the musical walkabout starts shortly after sunset and ends at dawn.
The temptations that occurr are many.. Will you endure?

Music without borders or boundaries.. Because after all, that’s music. Love.