Beat Tape

Brenk Sinatra – Midnite Ride [Beat Tape] [2015]

Brenk Sinatra – Midnite Ride [Beat Tape]
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01. Start
02. Wait 4 The Day
03. Subtra
04. Cruisin Alone
05. Cali Due
06. Time Has Come
07. 3am Skit
08. Dillude
09. Texas Mud
10. Money 2 Run
11. Paper Chase
12. In Ya Ear
13. Down The Street
14. Friday Nite
15. Leather & Wood
16. Rollin
17. Skeemin
18. Midnite Blue Pt.1
19. Midnite Blue Pt.2

Brenk Sinatra – Midnite Ride

Started as a random beat playlist for his car and ended up as his soon to be released solo album, Midnite Ride is basically Brenk’s soundtrack for the road. Listeners who loved his previous, more soulful and jazzy productions will definitely love Midnite Ride. If you ask Brenk to describe the sound of Midnite Ride, he’ll probably just say “wavy”, that’s it.
From Cali influenced beats such as “Skeemin” known from Brenk’s “LRG x LA Documentary” to mood uppers like “Cruisin Alone“ and “Friday Nite“ or the Pimp C homage „Leather & Wood“ this album is made to turn down. Midnite Ride is one of Brenk Sinatra’s most atmospheric albums so far.