Beat Tape

Shon J. – Mega Power [Beat Tape] [2015]

Shon J. – Mega Power [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Gold Plated
03. Journey
04. I Know
05. More Fire
06. Fight
07. Ali VS Foreman
08. For Real
09. Only You
10. All Night
11. Mega Power
12. The Path
13. Stay Fly
14. Take Me
15. Ross
16. Damn Right
17. Saturn
18. Blood
19. Amazing

Shon J. – Mega Power

“Whether you’re on a skateboard or in the boardroom – “MEGA POWER!!” is what it takes to claim victory. Whether you’re Doctor Phil or Dr. Dre- Mega Power will make you the absolute best you can possibly aspire to be. It’s like an energy drink.. but don’t put it in your mouth – don’t even put it near your face. Put it in a tape deck, or download it on your phone and experience the “MEGA POWER” by SHON J.”

Available On: Limited Edition Cassette