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Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu [Remixes] [2015]

Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu [Remixes]
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01. Med & Blu – Burgundy Whip (Feat. Jimetta Rose) (Jewbei Remix)
02. Med & Blu – Belly Full (Feat. Black Spade) (Jewbei Remix)
03. Med & Blu – Peroxide (Jewbei Remix)

Jewbei – Jewbei Does Med & Blu

So its been just over a year since Jewbei Does Sean Price, and heres the new instalment of the Jewbei Does series. It takes me over a year to make 3 tracks… I need to sort my life out.

This time I’ve remixed 3 tracks from Med & Blu’s new collaboration. I don’t know why I decided to try and remix Madlib beats… its too hard.

Well anyway, hopefully you enjoy and as always the instrumentals are included only with the Bandcamp download!

PS. I know the hook on Burgundy Whip is out of tune with the beat, I can’t make beats for singing… Im just not that good.