Beat Tape

Es-K – Mantras In Motion [Beat Tape] [2015]

Es-K – Mantras In Motion [Beat Tape]
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01. Doze
02. Es-K & Loupo – Krewe
03. KOS
04. Off Cee Mo
05. At Most
06. Es-K & Loupo – Colt45
07. RKS
08. Overstand
09. Es-K & Loupo – Loome
10. Es-K & Loupo – Seen
11. MJ12
12. MBX
13. SBX
14. AWOL

Es-K – Mantras In Motion

Seemingly destined for a career in synth music (his dad helped him sequence songs on a keyboard as a young kid), the Vermont based ES-K signed to Cold Busted four years ago. Here the prodigious producer who moonlights as a tobacconist steps aside from his regular Spontaneous Grooves series for the more meditative long player, Mantras In Motion. Highlights include the deft hotel lobby grooves of “Doze”, the xylophone-led dicky bow and velvet jacket lounge-hop of “Off Cee Mo” and the almost atonal warped head-nodder “Overstand”. – Juno Download

He grew up in a creative environment surrounded by music and art. As a young child his father would help him “sequence” songs on the keyboard, and by the age of five he had picked up his first instrument. At 15 he had his first copy of beat making software and by 16 he had his first MPC. When he was 17 he moved to Vermont where his passion for making beats continued to grow. In November of 2011 he signed his first track with Cold Busted and the rest, as they say, is history. His innate creativity and salient worth ethic is exemplified through his monthly Spontaneous Grooves series, where each instrumental is created in one sitting – the result being truly “spontaneous” and diverse tracks. Es-K currently manages a tobacco shop, continues to release music through Cold Busted, and works with various artists around the world.