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Us Natives – Lambsburg [Beat Tape] [2015]

Us Natives – Lambsburg [Beat Tape]
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01. Old Lowgap Road
02. Stankfunk
03. Raw Egg
04. Burn Down
05. Lambsburg Shuffle
06. Fisher’s Peak
07. Bootleggers’s Debt
08. One Way Ride
09. New River

Us Natives – Lambsburg

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**Cassette version contains bonus track**

The story of Lambsburg:

My mother grew up in a two room house with 5 siblings, the children of a poor farmer and his wife in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her twin brother, my Uncle Larry, never left those mountains and spent his life running moonshine or white lightning as they call it. He makes the best liquor I’ve ever tasted actually from the purest ingredients. He taught me to hunt and fish. At the same time about 3 years ago, I was in the process of moving to Texas. ILL Clinton and his lovely wife were looking for a place to get away. I offered to let them stay in my Granny’s old house that is still up in those mountains. ILL Clinton happily took me up on the offer, and they followed me in their car to the mountains. Those mountains are beautiful and are called the Blue Ridge Mountains because when you look off the top of one of them, there is a blue color that blankets the whole region. ILL CLinton and his wife loved it, and he even commented to me that this was the same place they had passed on the freeway while heading south on other travels, and that they had always wondered what it was like because it looked so lush and beautiful. It just happened to be where my family is from.
Now, the title Lambsburg comes from two places. My Uncle Larry lives in a tiny town in those mountains called Lambsburg. However back in Philly, ILL CLinton and I know a bunch of Greek hooligans who smoke a lot of blunts. In the US a blunt is often referred to as an “L”. The Greek letter L is Lambda, so the Philly Greeks will often refer to an L as a Lamb (pronounced Lomb). So when we saw the sign for Lambsburg, a light clicked and we decided to make the album in Lambsburg with loads of Lambs. I packed my car in Texas full of audio gear and a turntable and records while back in Philly ILL Clinton packed his drum machines and records and stuff as well. I drove the 20 hours it takes to get from Texas to my Granny’s house without sleeping while he drove about 8 from Philly and we met in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains once again. We hooked up all the gear in Granny’s old house and rolled a bunch of L’s or Lambs then proceeded to spend 3 days in the dead quiet of the mountains making hiphop where hiphop had probably never been made before. All the songs you hear are played by us on drum pads or keys not programmed by mouse. We kept it raw and produced the whole album in 72 hours moving from one beat to the next as soon as we were sick of it. The southern man’s voice heard on most of the songs is actually my Uncle Larry. I rode around with him fishing in the rivers and creeks of the mountain after ILL CLinton left and recorded a lot of what Larry had to say with a small sound recorder. So that’s the story of Lambsburg ladies and gentlemen. I hope you take the time to listen and enjoy it. Thanks for the support of Us Natives
Sincerely and Respectfully -John E Cab