Beat Tape

ELWD – Tropic [Beat Tape] [2015]

ELWD – Tropic [Beat Tape]
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01. allabout
02. nicedreams
03. tulips//jusplayin
04. coolout
05. theme//theme2
06. lvlysmile//dntstop
07. hvn//getondwn
08. iknowuknew
09. castles
10. u+thesky//soamazin
11. wntu
12. shesaid
13. mysticways//14marv
14. floating
15. whataday//nothinfree
16. keepyahead
17. zoning
18. tree//whodidthat
19. 12jewelz//afunkyreprise
20. thesedayz

ELWD – Tropic

Also Available On: Limited Edition Aqua Cassette Tape

Tropic is an abbreviation for the word ‘Tropical’ and commonly refers to a hot zone on our planet. With that said, ELWD’s second LP takes you on a journey through the jungle from start to finish, consisting of 20 instrumentals, an abstract creation of lo-fi soul and broken hip hop beats.

Tropic is the follow-up to ELWD’s debut album Dreamwaves, which received support from The Quietus, Earmilk, MNKA & DINA. Dreamwaves dropped on Bad Taste Records in April 2015. So inspired by that release, ELWD hit our inbox only three weeks later, with the finished version of this LP, and with artwork designed by ELWD himself. Damn. One thing is clear, this guy aint playin’.

While it may be a lifestyle most of us will only live in our minds, we think the optimum way to experience Tropic might be cruising through LA in a 1993 BMW Cabriolet convertible, top down, speakers on blast, with a bag of piff at your disposal. Tropic is your ticket there. Split into two sides; Side A (Sunrise) & Side B (Sunset). Side A is more uplifting and upbeat affair, whilst Side B takes you on a more somber trip, as the tracks become more reflective and conscious. ELWD makes it clear that you always need the rain to appreciate the shine, keeping every track cohesive with a flow just as effortless as his debut outing.