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8OhEight – The Duck [Beat Tape] [2020]

8OhEight – The Duck [Beat Tape]
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01. TheMorningShow
02. eGo
03. PublicServiceAnnouncement feat. MF DOOM
04. VersacePistolGrips feat. Westside Gunn
05. T.R.O.M.
06. YES LAWD!!! feat. Westside Gunn
07. THatNWordJoHn feat. ScHoolBoy Q
08. Transcend

8OhEight – The Duck

This is an audio documentary based upon the journey of The Duck.

Beat Tape Compilation

Various Artists – Mutual Friends [Compilation] [2020]

Various Artists – Mutual Friends [Compilation]
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01. Yogisoul – Junipher
02. Elaquent – Utopia
03. Yogisoul – Slowburners
04. FloFilz – Strafzettel
05. SRAW – Casio feat. Kristoffer Eikrem
06. Bluestaeb – Everyday feat. the Galactic Suite
07. Jake Milliner – Maybe Later
08. 10.4 ROG – Groovebox
09. ShunGu – Dream Discipline
10. Jabar Ligla – FrihavnSession
11. Fredfades – Rockets
12. 10.4 ROG – UNE
13. Jabar Ligla – Zeoh
14. Brainorchestra – Go On
15. Ol’ Burger Beats – It’s New

Various Artists – Mutual Friends

Also Available On: Vinyl LP

Beat Tape

KUTMAH – New Appliance [Beat Tape] [2020]

KUTMAH – New Appliance [Beat Tape]
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01. New Appliance
02. Centenarians
03. Super Psychic Kids
04. Görlitzer Riddim
05. Ramallah
06. Stoned In Brixton
07. Tres Flores
08. Siouxsie & Medusa
09. Nothing Like This

KUTMAH – New Appliance

Also Available On: Kutmah 10″

Kutmah closes off a series of 10 inches we did from LA heads back in 2010… He was supposed to be on that batch of releases but for reasons well documented he had other priorities during that year.

We’re delighted to finally welcome the esoteric beat wizard on board with “New Appliance” – as expected from such a singular talent this is a super strong ep, a diverse fusion of his classic beat styles and a signpost to a new departure using all his wave, noise & punk influences.

Beat Tape

Jeen Bassa – CASSAVA PONE [Beat Tape] [2020]

Jeen Bassa – CASSAVA PONE [Beat Tape]
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01. Microphone Hunt (Jeen trio)
02. Crunked Funk ft Mo Kolours
03. Blunt Talking
04. Everyday ft Reginald Omas Mamode + James Creole
05. Play This Game (money)
06. Cassava Pone
07. Can Change Now ft Reginald Omas Mamode
08. The Thing (to do)
09. How I Do It
10. Roots Now ft Al Dobson Jr
11. Get You (I say)
12. Music Throughout The Night
13. Hold You Down ft Shepherd Manyika
14. Latin Sisters
15. Ancestral Rivers
16. Phone Call Away ft Reginald Omas Mamode
17. Real Diggers Only
18. The Moon Revolution


This is a classic beat-tape style LP from one of the most under rated Hip Hop producers in the UK right now. Heavily influenced by Bassa’s Mauritian roots, the album takes you on a journey through aboriginal and pan African sounds, with heavy layers of percussion.


AlphaFox – La Haine [Beat Tape] [2020]

AlphaFox – La Haine [Beat Tape]
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01. A (feat. A-Frame)
02. Slow Til I Die
03. End @ 3
04. Walk Thru
05. Aint Nothin
06. tf goin on???
07. Omm (feat. Yellowmane)
08. Sauced Up (feat. Gangsta Boo)
09. Hit The Gas
10. Repeat
11. HA!
13. Back Baby
14. Nothing

AlphaFox – La Haine

Also Available On: Cassette

Beat Tape E.P.

Sleep One Beats – M E E Z M A S T A [Beat Tape] [2020]

Sleep One Beats – M E E Z M A S T A [Beat Tape]
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01. D E V I L D O G
02. E M E R A L D T A B L E T S
03. M E E Z M A S T A
04. P O W A F U N K
05. T R O P I C A L
06. U T R I P P N

Sleep One Beats – M E E Z M A S T A

Beat Tape

Mydus – Grits N Chevys [Beat Tape] [2020]

Mydus – Grits N Chevys [Beat Tape]
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01. Home
02. Leather and Wood
03. Raised In It
04. Before You Go Home
05. Throwed
06. I95
07. Rear Red and Blues
08. Home (End Credits)

Mydus – Grits N Chevys


The Audible Doctor – rx0​.​002 [E.P.] [2020]

The Audible Doctor – rx0​.​002 [E.P.]
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01. YourLoveIs
02. CrackBaby
03. SittinHereFlossin
04. WatchItNow
05. CantTellMeNothin

The Audible Doctor – rx0​.​002


JoDu – PPT​-​DS​-​012 [E.P.] [2020]

JoDu – PPT​-​DS​-​012 [E.P.]
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01. Dangerzone
02. Illa Dayz

JoDu – PPT​-​DS​-​012


MAX THE BEATMAKER – Max Made Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2020]

MAX THE BEATMAKER – Max Made Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Jam 1
02. Because of the rockets
03. 94′ Style
04. early
05. Chrome
06. new dimension
07. friday bump
08. Leavin’
09. outro(the lost beat)
10. Blu Lopez(bonus beat 1)
11. and…….(bonus beat 2)

MAX THE BEATMAKER – Max Made Vol​.​1

Beat Tape

Be PM – Beats & Impro [Beat Tape] [2020]

Be PM – Beats & Impro [Beat Tape]
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01. Part One
02. Part Two
03. Part Three
04. Part Four
05. Part Five

Be PM – Beats & Impro

Also Available On: CASSETTE

Be PM is an eclectic crew formed by four welded musicians from Chile focusing on worship of beats and improvisation. The band was created around the core of Daniel Celso aka Dacel, dj, beatmaker and drummer and Felipe Palomo aka Low End also beatmaker and keyboard player.

They decide to play live instrumental beats and let a big part to musician for improvisation. This release is a live session recorded in December 2017 at the Uniacc, University of Art, Science and Comunication of Santiago in Chile.

From the first note, the band takes you into an energic night trip, where visions of lights and shadows are playing together shedding dancing colorful forms on the city’s walls.

This is the magic of Be PM’s jazz beat fusion. The band create like living cells using a modern aesthetic to blend music styles into a unique and organic and futuristic groove.
The heavy banging beats and singing melodious bass are pushing up the sparkling notes of guitar and radiance of the keyboard.

With a solid architecture, a precious music’s design and a fantastic sound’s roughness this five parts E.P. catches and keeps your mind constantly awaken. The cassette is illustrated by Théo Lopez paint, that gives to the release a true incarnation, traducing perfectly the feelings of the band’s music in form and color.

Be PM is inspired by and follows the footprints of Hip Hop legends and Jazz musicians like J Dilla, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Marley Marl, Erick Sermon, Dr. Dre, Robert Glasper, Flying Lotus, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Da Beatminerz, Nottz, Buckwild, Exile, D’angelo, Madlib, Karriem Riggins, Roy Hargrove…


Yunmezz – ihateubutidont [E.P.] [2020]

Yunmezz – ihateubutidont [E.P.]
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01. theseguysjstwntuforurbody
02. ifuaintgotheartuaintgotnada
03. \btweenme&u
04. evrythngwllb
05. /stickupkids

Yunmezz – ihateubutidont


El Jazzy Chavo – Lower Class Jazz [E.P.] [2020]

El Jazzy Chavo – Lower Class Jazz [E.P.]
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01. Athenian Slums
02. Music for Bank Robberies
03. Working Class in Power
04. Art of the Underprivileged

El Jazzy Chavo – Lower Class Jazz

Also Available On: Limited Edition Gatefold 7″ Vinyl

Transmitting from the lower-class neighborhoods – this one is dedicated to the uprooted refugees and to all lower status people that the state chases, persecutes and leads to despair or even death.

Beat Tape

Cosmo Arts – Show 44 Lo-Fi VCR Video Beattape [Beat Tape] [2020]

Cosmo Arts – Show 44 Lo-Fi VCR Video Beattape [Beat Tape]

(Featuring In Order Of Appearance)
Curtis Metcalf
GRiMM Doza

In The Loop Radio website:
Underground Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Vaporwave, & Hip-Hop Samples all on one station.


M-Dot (of EMS) – The Atonement (Prod. by Pete Rock) [Single] [2020]

M-Dot (of EMS) – The Atonement (Prod. by Pete Rock) [Single]
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01. M-Dot (of EMS) – The Atonement (Prod. by Pete Rock)

M-Dot (of EMS) – The Atonement (Prod. by Pete Rock)