Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana Beats [Instrumentals] [2020]

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana Beats [Instrumentals]
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01. Obrigado (Instrumental)
02. Freestyle S**t (Instrumental)
03. Half Manne Half Cocaine (Instrumental)
04. Crime Pays (Instrumental)
05. Massage Seats (Instrumental)
06. Palmolive (Instrumental)
07. Fake Names (Instrumental)
08. Flat Tummy Tea (Instrumental)
09. Situations (Instrumental)
10. Giannis (Instrumental)
11. Practice (Instrumental)
12. Cataracts (Instrumental)
13. 3Gat Damn (Instrumental)
14. Education (Instrumental)
15. Soul Right (Instrumental)

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana Beats


Bobby Obsy – Robo Boy [E.P.] [2020]

Bobby Obsy – Robo Boy [E.P.]
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01. Starclimber
02. Astral Venture
03. Electric Serenade

Bobby Obsy – Robo Boy

Nick Poulianitis a.k.a. Bobby Obsy is a London-based music producer and designer. His beats are grounded in sample-based sounds, with the help of vintage samplers, synthesizers and live bass. His career as a designer complements his music persona; all character creation and concept art (including for this ‘Robo Boy’ release) is done by himself. His vision is to create new sci-fi worlds through music and design.

Bobby Obsy’s debut album ‘Rusty Gate’, was released digitally in 2018 via Vinyl Digital. This led to a successful campaign on Qrates done on his own, with since then vinyl copies available at HHV, Vinylism, and Jet Set Records in Kyoto & Tokyo. His debut release led to live sets in Amsterdam, London, the Reworks Festival in Greece, and to another vinyl feature on The Find Mag’s ‘Jazzvolution Chapter Two.’

The groove patterns on ‘Robo Boy’ never stay the same. You’ll notice metallic sound design from his trusty MPC & Ensoniq 12-bit sampler, pixelated transitions from his SP-404, dreamy galactic melodies, and his favorite jazzy bass melodies.

Bobby Obsy: “The reason why I care so much about just three tracks—investing my time building on a solid concept and creating bespoke illustrations—is only because of the over-saturated market in instrumental hip-hop. This release is a statement.

“My mentor and great friend, Propo’88, showed me the true, real way of taking care of business when it comes to music production, paying for mixing and mastering, as well as investing in good cover art. I have to give him credit for that and I believe that this is how every artist should approach his or her work. That’s what I tried to evoke by working on an entire concept for ‘Robo Boy.’

Beat Tape

Pigeondust – Way Back When [Beat Tape] [2020]

Pigeondust – Way Back When [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Chienowa
03. Class 
04. Dummies 
05. Kan-nana Street
06. Pigeondust & Ozoyo – Magicnight
07. Cuttape
08. Spiral Beat
09. Skit
10. Intro 2
11. Sky
12. Altona
13. Maze
14. Jazzloop A
15. M-v-g-i
16. Jazzloop B
17. Reminiscence
18. Home
19. Mektup
20. Pigeondust & DRWN. – Intense
21. Nothing But Jazz Loops
22. Wave
23. Jazzloop C
24. Sunnyday
25. Jazzloop D
26. Rain
27. Jazzloop E
28. Jazzloop F
29. Struggle
30. Back In The Days
31. B-Boy Blue (Long Version)
32. Numero 3
33. Skaters
34. Keep On
35. Fiesta
36. 1973

Pigeondust – Way Back When

Also Available On: Limited Edition Double 12″ Vinyl or Limited Edition Cassette & Limited Edition Compact Disc

“For me, sampling is like a collaboration,” says DJ Yuta Yamaoka, better known to global beatheads as Pigeondust. Residing in Chiba, Japan, Pigeondust spends his days either vinyl-digging or sourcing samples — that is, creating sonic collaborations — from his discoveries. Pigeondust is also a member of the EN TOKYO crew, representing a new generation of Japanese beat-makers who draw from a large variety of genres. In 2015, Pigeondust joined Cold Busted with his fantastic album Moon, Wisdom & Slackness. He now follows up with an ambitious double album titled Way Back When.

Way Back When explores a galaxy of hip hop styles throughout its whopping 36 cuts. The vibe is gritty and street-smart, samples from jazz, funk, world music, and other pathways poured into one groovable stew. “Chienowa” sets the tone with its tough beat, funk bass pops, and fly-by musical riffs. “Spiral Beat” is also notable for its arpeggiated jazz loop that shifts into gentle ‘70s piano soul. And the collaborations aren’t exclusive with samples — Turkish producer Ozoyo joins Pigeondust for the drum-twisting nature walk of “Magicnight,” and Swiss producer DRWN. appears on cut-up jazz jam “Intense.” There’s much to explore here.

The album is available from Cold Busted on double vinyl, its packaging a loving homage to Yo! MTV Raps and its sought-after trading cards. Each Vinyl album comes with a Pigeondust trading card complete with artist photo and vital stats. Represent.

Beat Tape

Testiculo Y Uno – Two [Beat Tape] [2020]

Testiculo Y Uno – Two [Beat Tape]
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01. TyUYntro
02. Everyonesaysho
03. Lennox Schnabel
04. Easy Peeler
05. Braune Autos
06. One For Frau Hamacher
07. Wasabi Terraces
08. Alone w/u
09. Molly Street Scene
10. Larry Wah Nam
11. Fokan
12. Tessel
13. Westcoastin‘
14. Nacada Drive
15. Rotor Skate
16. Gohead
17. Hit The AA
18. Kein Front >
19. Künstlerzigarette
20. Ynterlude
21. Zeytin
22. Off Minor

Testiculo Y Uno – Two

Also Available On: LP

Track 1-10 prod. by Twit One.
Track 11-22 prod. by Hulk Hodn.

Testiculo Y Uno are Hulk Hodn and Twit One, two producers from Cologne, Germany. In 2009 they produced the first volume of the ground-breaking Hi-Hat Club series that kicked off the careers of beatmakers like Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra.
10 years later Hulk Hodn and Twit One have recorded a second Testiculo Y Uno album called “Two”.


The Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson x Leonard Charles) – LSD [Album] [2020]

The Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson x Leonard Charles) – LSD [Album]
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01. Intro
02. My Inspiration
03. Breaking Bread
04. She’s Got It
06. Friends
07. Grass
08. Nobody
09. Heavy Organ (feat. Wildchild)
10. EVOL Interlude
11. Message To My Ex
12. Bricks
13. The GOAT
14. Smokin’ Good

The Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson x Leonard Charles)

Also Available On: 12 inch Vinyl LP

Beat Tape

Sweatson Klank – Good Days [Beat Tape] [2020]

Sweatson Klank – Good Days [Beat Tape]
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01. Together In Love
02. How The Sun Rose
03. And Then You
04. Say Yes
05. Sun or Moon
06. Too Fast
07. Kiss in the Shadows
08. Subway Samba
09. This Here
10. Wandering
11 .On These Travels
12. One For The Planet

Sweatson Klank – Good Days

Also Available On: Good Days – Limited Edition Green Cassette

Album Instrumentals

Lewis Parker – The 45 Collection [Album/Instrumentals] [2020]

Lewis Parker – The 45 Collection [Album/Instrumentals]
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01. Incognito (Original Version)
2. Incognito (Instrumental)
03. Fakin’ Jax Remix (Instrumental)
04. Shaky Dog (Instrumental)
05. Nothing But Aces (Vocal)
06. Nothing But Aces (Instrumental)
07. Lean Back (Instrumental)
08. Sunny Dedications (Instrumental)
09. Hold It Down ft. Dynas
10. Hold It Down (Instrumental)

Lewis Parker – The 45 Collection

Also Available On: Vinyl

Beat Tape

James Biko – Soul Children [Beat Tape] [2020]

James Biko – Soul Children [Beat Tape]
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01. Afro Pick
02. Money Green
03. She Says Hi
04. Drippin’
05. Soul Children
06. For My Ladies

James Biko – Soul Children


Dueling Experts – Dueling Experts [Album] [2020]

Dueling Experts – Dueling Experts [Album]
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01. The Dueling Experts
02. Pray Hands Emoji
03. Part of Life
04. Dark Ninjas
05. The Middle Finger
06. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting
07. Two Isn’t Enough
08. The Cause of My Ignorance
09. A Secret Document
10. Arnold Palmer Sipping Arnold Palmers
11. Black Belt
12. Stones In Glass House
13. Baby Shark
14. Your Fragile Limbs

Dueling Experts – Dueling Experts

From a lost chamber of a dark cavern, Dueling Experts unlock the most esoteric of styles. Chicago’s Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) joins forces with Ghana mc Recognize Ali for the new self titled album produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

“I had a treasure trove of beats from legendary Lo-Fi beat maker Lord Beatjitzu that I needed to put to use…and sonically me and Ali were right there. The beats sound like they were dropped on the floor, almost beta like quality while at the same time exemplifying that 90’s RZA peak.”
– Verbal Kent (Ugly Heroes)

“Dueling Experts is that raw unadulterated hardcore boom bap” – Recognize Ali

Beat Tape

Juicy the Emissary – TIMBER! [Beat Tape] [2020]

Juicy the Emissary – TIMBER! [Beat Tape]
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01. TIMBER! – A1
02. TIMBER! – A2
03. TIMBER! – A3 (feat. Chris Hokamp)
04. TIMBER! – A4
05. TIMBER! – A5
06. TIMBER! – A6
07. TIMBER! – A7
08. TIMBER! – A8
09. TIMBER! – A9
10. TIMBER! – A10
11. TIMBER! – A11
12. TIMBER! – A12
13. TIMBER! – B1 (feat. Isabel Crespo)
14. TIMBER! – B2
15. TIMBER! – B3 (feat. Marion Powers)
16. TIMBER! – B4
17. TIMBER! – B5 (feat. Marion Powers)
18. TIMBER! – B6 (feat. Isabel Crespo)
19. TIMBER! – B7
20. TIMBER! – B8 (feat. Lily Taylor)

Juicy the Emissary – TIMBER!

The follow up to Juicy The Emmisary’s fantastic 2017 SCM debut isn’t truly a follow up. The A-side of 2019’s “Timber” was found by SCM head House Shoes in 2016 while digging around on SoundCloud. ‘Shoes hit Juicy and let him know he was interested in releasing it on Street Corner Music, he just needed him to give him the B-side tracks. Juicy said he would oblige, but told ‘Shoes he had just finished another project and would sent that thru as well. That project would turn out to be ‘Attention Kmart Choppers’, one of the illest beat tapes ever in the medium. Juicy dissected a vault of Kmart’s musical library that would be played in-store while customers shopped in the 1980’s. Flawless.

He eventually completed the B-side that ‘Shoes needed to complete the album that initially garnered his interest in Juicy.

And here it is. Timber. Chop Chop.

Limited vinyl available at

Beat Tape

Max Chill – Chillmatic [Beat Tape] [2020]

Max Chill – Chillmatic [Beat Tape]
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01. Great Stuff
02. Daydreaming
03. Not Sure
04. Chillmatic
05. Memories
06. Nice Dreamy Waltz
07. Go Ahead
08. Get By
09. Not Much Of A Dancer
10. Sunday Afternoon
11. Awakening
12. Night Walk
13. Space Taxi
14. Lost In Time
15. The Cosmic Sea
16. Getting Home
17. Shadows
18. Complex Task
19. Island In The Sky

Max Chill – Chillmatic

Also Available On: Cassette tape

Beat Tape

Matsuyama – beat tape Vol​.​26 / Winter Period [Beat Tape] [2020]

Matsuyama – beat tape Vol​.​26 / Winter Period [Beat Tape]
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01. Tradition
02. Peace
03. Thaw
04. Yukikaze
05. New Year
06. Kogarashi
07. Snow

Matsuyama – beat tape Vol​.​26 / Winter Period


Eiliyah Wall – PT. 1 [E.P.] [2020]

Eiliyah Wall – PT. 1 [E.P.]
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01. Fillitup
02. At NoNo’s

Eiliyah Wall – PT. 1

Beat Tape

Tane – 7 Days [Beat Tape] [2020]

Tane – 7 Days [Beat Tape]
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01. Bubbly
02. Hang Mafchid (Feat. Phøn)
03. Melted Butter
04. Focus
05. Take 2
06. Weird
07. Meditation

Tane – 7 Days

Beat Tape

C-Sol – It’s Like Riding a Bike [Beat Tape] [2020]

C-Sol – It’s Like Riding a Bike [Beat Tape]
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01. Escalatorz
02. Sancocho
03. Amores Buenos
04. Vallenato
05. Baddie
06. Valderrama
07. Agua Panela
08. Agridulce
09. Splash
10. Scarecrow Rule

C-Sol – It’s Like Riding a Bike