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Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too [Beat Tape] [2018]

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too [Beat Tape]
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01. Glorious Pilgrimage
02. K2 Strut
03. A Vow of Study
04. The Monastery Pinada
05. Kiss of the Seraph
06. Smile For the Gods
07. Starbrand
08. Father Goddess
09. La Sopa
10. Baby Nephilim
11. Divine Daymare
12. Eternal Soul
13. The Children’s Crusade
14. No Language Barriers

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros – Theology Too

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette w/ Graphic Shell

Humans that opt to preach, convert, and spread news of their faith systems seem to not consider their privilege. The probability of being born in a suitable environment and time in the universe where one can strive healthily and have discretionary free time to convince others their stories are divine truth are incredibly slim. For example, eskimos born in ice inherit the belief system where death is a blessing. Let’s take that system and evangelize the planet with it. Not likely. So it is with the utmost consideration of that privilege that I bring another volume of Theology to you. Please enjoy heavy beats that attempt to explore the various emotions which ideas of the divine make people experience.

Beat Tape

C-Ras – Temples [Beat Tape] [2018]

C-Ras – Temples [Beat Tape]
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01. The Gate
02. Spectre
03. Kitsune
04. Boogeys
05. Oooh
06. Bhoots
07. Nachtwandler
08. Visitors
09. Bogles
10. Appearance
11. Temples
12. Shrines
13. Sacrifice
14. Mt. Zion
15. Duppys
16. Nyaman’s Rage
17. Shadows
18. Wraiths
19. Spook
20. Lost Faces

C-Ras – Temples

Also Available On: LP & Cassette

A temple is a place of rest and mediation. A place where you can find yourself and cleanse your mind. In the Rastafarian belief, this is not a special place or building but your very own body. It needs no institution or monument to be closer to oneself and the divine. Consequently, each temple is individual and each individual is a temple. On 20 beats C-Ras tells about his spiritual journey to himself and allows the listener an insight into his temple. The young Municher discovered the Rastafarian faith during his countless travels to the land of his father, the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Album Beat Tape Instrumental Album

Somni – Bloom [Album] [2018]

Somni – Bloom [Album]
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01. Intro/Tranquil
02. Crickets
03. Overgrown ft. Nabeyin
04. Spaces
05. The Air Outside (Pt.1)
06. Before You
07. Girl
08. In Waves ft. Powermitts
09. Silver
10. The Air Outside (Pt. 2)

Somni – Bloom

Beat Tape E.P.

Boss-Galaga – 8 Bit Ditty Bopz [E.P.] [2018]

Boss-Galaga – 8 Bit Ditty Bopz [E.P.]
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01. F0000001
02. F0000004
03. Gloomy Weather
04. Icy Palms
05. New Groove

Boss-Galaga – 8 Bit Ditty Bopz

Beat Tape

Sinth – ‘Only People’ Mini​-​LP [Beat Tape] [2018]

Sinth – ‘Only People’ Mini​-​LP [Beat Tape]
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01. Been
02. Rather
03. Crude Signal Movements
04. Experiment
05. Vibe Thought
06. Horrors
07. Our Very
08. Performed Virtually Nothing
09. Only People
10. Faded
11. Branches Of Admitted Sciences
12. The Essence Of Discussed Satisfaction
13. Taking Pride In Hiding The Profits
14. Sketches Of Idle Pestilents
15. Spies Buried Syria
16. Astonomers And A Thousand Worlds
17. Loved The News Lead
18. Still Imagine Recording
19. Sit
20. White

Sinth – ‘Only People’ Mini​-​LP

Beat Tape

RoboChop – Ups & Downs [Beat Tape] [2018]

RoboChop – Ups & Downs [Beat Tape]
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01. Ups
02. back to basics
03. jammin (Bonus)
04. downs
05. Always Believe
06. Many Toys
07. Cruisin (Bonus)

RoboChop – Ups & Downs

Also Available On: Vinyl @


shiy – autumnal [E.P.] [2018]

shiy – autumnal [E.P.]
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01. walking, flying
02. peaceofmind
03. nothatbad
04. midnight skate
05. uplifter

shiy – autumnal

Beat Tape

Jansport J – Low [Beat Tape] [2018]

Jansport J – Low [Beat Tape]
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01. Sleep
02. Awe
03. Smokewitchu
04. Nu
05. White
06. Walls
07. areuinluvyet?
08. Fk
09. Baby
10. Last
11. Clouds
12. All
13. Sport’s Ode III
14. G-Wiz
15. Throwback
16. Left
17. Stay
18. god
19. blue
20. Low
21. A Wake

Jansport J – Low

Also Available On: Vinyl LP

Jansport J’s LOW begins with the rude assertion that we oughta wake up and be released from our dream state before we absorb what we are about to hear. What follows is 20 concepts identifying the many different states of human existence. The track titles function as a compass. If we began SLEEP, we are high in the CLOUDS by album-midpoint, before allowing A WAKE to bring us back to the sobering reality of modern times.

Love, nostalgia, consciousness and artist integrity; these are some of the themes masterfully weaved in and out of LOW’s soundscapes. Jansport stitches together carefully selected samples, nuanced drum loops, and pungent soundbites. By the time you realize you are being serenaded by the revelations of one of America’s greatest literary giants, the album’s true concept becomes clear: nobody knows what’s real and what’s not real. But you wake up everyday to try and figure it out anyway.

Beat Tape E.P.

GOGDOG – “Mees sa seene pand wa” [Beat Tape] [2018]

GOGDOG – “Mees sa seene pand wa” [Beat Tape]
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01. “Mees sa seene pand wa” beat tape

GOGDOG – “Mees sa seene pand wa”

Beat Tape

Emapea – Random Beats [Beat Tape] [2018]

Emapea – Random Beats [Beat Tape]
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01. Desires
02. Simple Raw
03. Energy
04. Summerize
05. Lime
06. Lofi
07. Left Behind
08. Take A Break
09. Uplifter
10. Throwback
11. Vitality
12. Radiostation
13. City Lights
14. Fireplace
15. Breezy
16. Boom Bap Ish
17. PreemPete That
18. Two Days
19. Real Talk

Emapea – Random Beats

Beat Tape

Waldo & Homage – Used Cars [Beat Tape] [2018]

Waldo & Homage – Used Cars [Beat Tape]
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01. Dodge (feat. Donwill)
02. Grandpa’s Buick
03. High Prices Interlude
04. Rack and Pinion Steering
05. Little Cars
06. Power Windows (feat. Jermiside)
07. Station Wagons
08. Leather Seats
09. Sports Roof
10. Jeeps
11. Two Hundred Thousand Miles
12. Super Sport (feat. Ali Miller)
13. Fuel Injector
14. Final Offer

Waldo & Homage – Used Cars

Used Cars is a super-crafted mosaic of samples that coalesces into another full length LP by Fort Ancient Records beat makers Homage CVG and Waldo from Cincinnati. The pair returns together after releasing their critically-acclaimed album, Grocery Choppin’, which was named one of the best albums from Cincinnati artists by CityBeat Magazine in 2017. The mostly instrumental project features lyrical appearances by Donwill, Jermiside and Ali Miller (fka Truck North). Fort Ancient Records is an independent beat collective in Cincinnati and was founded in March, 2017.

Beat Tape

Kev Brown – Delve Into Classical Moog [Beat Tape] [2018]

Kev Brown – Delve Into Classical Moog [Beat Tape]
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01. Introduction
02. Robot Jungle
03. Victorious
04. Cyberfunk
05. Old Tech
06. Frequency
07. M Go Round
08. Time
09. Computer Stuff
10. Future Classic
11. We Won

Kev Brown – Delve Into Classical Moog

Instrumentals Remixes

EddouXL – Refreshments (Deluxe Version) [Remixes/Instrumentals] [2018]

EddouXL – Refreshments (Deluxe Version) [Remixes/Instrumentals]
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01. Side A
02. Side B (Instrumentals)

EddouXL – Refreshments (Deluxe Version)

Also Available On: Limited Cassette

Instrumental Album

Illingsworth – You’re No Fun [Instrumental Album] [2018]

Illingsworth – You’re No Fun [Instrumental Album]
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01. You’re No Fun
02. Greens
03. Sama
04. When In Brome
05. All Live (Part One)
06. Mach Punch
07. Peeves (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
08. Farming
09. Low Fire
10. DnD (feat. Denmark Vessey)
11. Call Me Now
12. Coins
13. Time Machine
14. Wind (No Clues)
15. Go On Back
16. Everse
17. Goose Howard

Illingsworth – You’re No Fun

Beat Tape

CrabbMan – Original Methods [Beat Tape] [2018]

CrabbMan – Original Methods [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. On The QT
03. Rambler
04. Homebrew
05. Rooted On Ice
06. Floating
07. Miscreation Alley
08. Distant Form
09. Cryptic Swing
10. Initialised
11. Petrichor
12. Nogaro
13. Backways
14. Unsung Grail
15. Stifled Code
16. Vantage
17. Outro

CrabbMan – Original Methods

Also Available On: Limited Edition Vinyl and Cassette