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Beat Tape Instrumentals

DJ Auracle – A Monster Without A Name [Beat Tape] [2017]

DJ Auracle – A Monster Without A Name [Beat Tape]
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01. A Monster Without A Name
02. Cold Case
03. Ominous Loop
04. No Lead
05. Passport
06. Prototype
07. Copycat
08. Cornered Animal
09. Crash
10. Wish

DJ Auracle – A Monster Without A Name

Remixes Single

Amerigo Gazaway – Ghostface Thriller [Single] [2017]

Amerigo Gazaway – Ghostface Thriller [Single]
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01. Michael Jackson & Ghostface Killah – Ghostface Thriller feat. Vincent Price

Drum Kit

Polymath Records – Dark Themes [Kit] [2017]

Polymath Records – Dark Themes [Kit]
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Dark Themes features 26 original compositions by Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer IV The Polymath. These samples were composed & recorded in the middle of the night with inspiration from vintage horror & sci-fi movies. Each Sample is 1-2 minutes long in order to provide producers with tons of material to choose from, over 45 minutes in total!

Instruments Used:

Fender Rhodes (1979)
Yamaha YC-10 Combo Organ (1969)
Hammond a100 Organ (1960s)
Roland Alpha Juno 2 (1985)
Korg Minikorg 700 (1974)
Dave Smith Rev 2
Nord Lead 2 (1997)
Vintage Vibe Vibanet
Wurlitzer Upright Piano
Various Electric Guitars & Basses
Various Condenser & Dynamic Microphones
Analog FX, Filters, Preamps, EQ & Tube Compressors
Spring Reverb & Tape Echo Machines
Sample Pack Details:

26 Original Compositions
25 LOFI Bonus Loops Processed by Bullyfinger
BPMs & Keys Provided
Format: 44/16 .wav
Over 45 Minutes of Sample Material in Total

Polymath Records – Dark Themes

Beat Tape

O lè G – The Sun Loves Us [Beat Tape] [2017]

O lè G – The Sun Loves Us [Beat Tape]
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01. Child Dream
02. Vomit
03. Light Bass
04. One 4 Dilla
05. Break Stuff
06. Turntable
07. Anthem
08. Blessing It
09. Keep Going
10. Rae Dawn
11. Sleight
12. Change Beat
13. Spend Oneself
14. Way Of Life
15. Girl
16. Red Rum
17. Night Stew
18. Timbre

O lè G – The Sun Loves Us


G​-​Pek, Brycon, Eons, Yelir -There’s No More Room In Hell Part 3 [E.P.] [2017]

G​-​Pek, Brycon, Eons, Yelir -There’s No More Room In Hell Part 3 [E.P.]
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01. G-PEK
03. Brycon
04. Yelir

G​-​Pek, Brycon, Eons, Yelir -There’s No More Room In Hell Part 3

Also Available On: limited edition cassette drops 10-31-17
courtesy of I Had An Accident Records
paypal $10.50 to to preorder
Beat Tape Compilation

Super Secret Lo Fi Beat Collective – Indigo [Compilation] [2017]

Super Secret Lo Fi Beat Collective – Indigo [Compilation]
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01. ross h. – indigo
02. dj lonely – another gymnopedie flip
03. YUME – R e d . A r r o w
04. japannabis -_goodnight_
05. ross h. – diamond st.
06. dj lonely – half past 12
07. ross h. – shallow
08. dj lonely – umbrella
09. japannabis – eden
10. YUME – A m a t e r a s u
11. dj lonely – changes
12. ross h. – elate
13. japannabis – peach cobbler
14. dj lonely – japanese soap opera
15. YUME – S h o c k w a v e
16. japannabis – space cakes
17. dj lonely – toga goatman
18. ross h. – remember
19. dj lonely – Storms
20. YUME – Cherry.Blossom
21. ross h. – push -_ on
22. dj lonely – love should be free
23. ross h. – if the world’s against u
24. dj lonely – And We Out

Super Secret Lo Fi Beat Collective – Indigo

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette


mllwmnk – fade​.​ep [E.P.] [2017]

mllwmnk – fade​.​ep [E.P.]
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01. hazy.intro
02. purple
03. messy | feat. Love Group Computer
04. broken
05. electric dreams

mllwmnk – fade​.​ep

Beat Tape

Ferm – AKI [Beat Tape] [2017]

Ferm – AKI [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Rio
03. Pines
04. Aki
05. Dontfakeit
06. Redwood
07. Girl
08. Mellow Wisdom
09. Night/Day
10. Alone
11. Come On
12. Props
13. Fall

Ferm – AKI

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

Beat Tape E.P.

Blocade – Hollowscope [Beat Tape] [2017]

Blocade – Hollowscope [Beat Tape]
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01. Hollowscope
02. Postmortem
03. BHeheloet
04. Displaced Motion
05. Stairs in the Forest
06. Wrong Party
07. Doomed from the Start
08. Dance of the Possessed

Blocade – Hollowscope

Beat Tape E.P. Instrumental Album

snaer. – leaves [Beat Tape] [2017]

snaer. – leaves [Beat Tape]
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01. intro
02. macadamia
03. ahorn
04. autumn
05. hidden.sugar
06. releks
07. searchin’
08. shoegoo
09. cherry.tree
10. syrup
11. laces
12. chestnut
13. outro

snaer. – leaves

Beat Tape

Asonic Garcia – Old Daze [Beat Tape] [2017]

Asonic Garcia – Old Daze [Beat Tape]
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01. Dream of 1017
02. WakeBakeShake
03. Existential Traffic
04. Old Man Vallejo
05. Purple Leaf Mind Swings (

01. Fuzzy Dweller
02. Shatterstars feat MCE
03. Superkrills in Sleep
04. Strata from Time Bandits
05. Iso Enlight
06. 418 Suns Up
07. They’ll be Fine feat.Vezzen

Asonic Garcia – Old Daze

Also Available On: Limited Cassette of 50

“OLD DAZE is a special cassette reissue of my very first collection of instrumental beat productions, originally released in 2007. Previous to these songs, i had only made rap beats/songs for myself and my collective in Vallejo. The compositions on this project are a reflection of coming of age, breaking free of traditions, and fully exploring my creative expression with sound and vibration. Recording with four tracks, running sounds through VHS, using samplers thru fx pedals, these were fun and fresh ideas to me at the time, and this project set the precedence of unwavering experimentation that I strive for and work towards, still now, 10 years later. Enjoy, these beats from the old daze.


Various Artists – Lunar Tapes Compilado 1 [Compilation] [2017]

Various Artists – Lunar Tapes Compilado 1 [Compilation]
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01.Polar – Splendor
02. Fen – Wildo
03. Toetensen – Midnight baby
04. NoCordova – KOKORO
05. Skymad – bbirds
06. Bagre – Piducan Royal
07. Kaydeeteeaskay – Let It Be Close To You
08. Hndacvc – Sumtime$
09. Oudies – Jazzofrenico
10. Efímero – With U
11. Ruido – You Can Never Win
12. Ohmaik – Alexandria
13. Manofue Wurdz – In Flames
14. Knablinz – Today’s Choice
15. Cinturon Negro – Entrecejo
16. Dlght – Sans Frais
17. Farragol – Skyline_Scrap
18. Lowranger – 87 Rolls
19. SVT – Funka
20. Jetyawar – ONLYYU
21. Awlnight – One Two
22. Weirddough – Kindastanky
23. Egglub – Glenglenm
24. Hanzo – Nvrbeee
25. Flakodiablo – Jardín Ácido
26. ΔKTR – Spacecat
27. Goldenninjah x Nekubi – Addicted
28. Jabuligan – Ladyes
29. Sibaz – Saturno

Various Artists – Lunar Tapes Compilado 1

Also Available On: Limited Edition Gray Cassette C60

* Lunar Tapes is pleased to present “Lunar Tapes Compilado 1”, an instrumental hiphop compilation that brings together 30 Beatsmiths from different parts of the planet as far apart as Japan, Greece, Mexico and Chile.

* In it we can observe and listen to the diversity of styles and derivations currently present within the genre, making it clear that there is no single formula for the creation of beats and that all resources are valid from old commercial TV spots from the 80s to video game soundtracks.

* Examples of this are the Jazz Bap of Oudies, Manofue Wardz’s Extreme Lo-Fi, Knablinz’s Crunchy Psych-Hop, Lowranger’s exquisite Vapor-Hop, the synth sound and 8bit of Ruido and the meditation newageboombap of ΔKTR.
* So do not sleep, the invitation is made to enjoy this kaleidoscope of kick-snares, effects, samples and noises.

Beat Tape

Yudko – Abstractions [Beat Tape] [2017]

Yudko – Abstractions [Beat Tape]
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01. Rrrredbluered∞Blueredblueeee
02. Nefelibata13 – One For Moondog
03. Clwndgwkyn_wtrwmn9 Mix
04. One handed clap
05. Non euclideaniszms
06. cirkls2sqrs
07. Morning ✸
08. Fly magpie_773
09. Shnatz with shnutz
10. Ephemerides
11. Daboggieman
12. Astroblue – Anpao Remix
13. Thght_wrd_actn_wlkyrtlk
14. Zihuatanejo

Yudko – Abstractions

Yudko’s debut solo album on Raw Tapes is a unique release. His distinct style makes him stand out in the family, bringing a fresh breeze of experimental sound.
His approach for electronic music is influenced greatly by his early jazz studies.

Yudko dances with the electronics in a way that cuts the bullshit, and the result bears the same quality. His music goes straight to the essence, full of soul.

Using samples of recorded moments, analog machines as well as electronic noise and sounds, Yudko creates something that is deep like a sub-conscious, full of memories, abstract and movingly nostalgic.

“When I first got this album’s draft, I listened to it in loops for weeks. I felt like I was communicating with some alien species that has finally come to take me home.” -KerenDun

E.P. Video



Short hip-hop/chillhop mini-album/track made while being stuck for 3 weeks in a hotel in the financial district of Toronto.
Observing various people, cultures.
Seeing people talking, laughing, crying, facetiming each other.
What is Toronto all about?