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ANGELS DUST – Musings [Beat Tape] [2016]

ANGELS DUST – Musings [Beat Tape]
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01. Slow Tapes (ESGAR)
02. Funeral (COTO)
03. Haunted (GRAVE LINE)
04. Wildfire *
05. Shiverslow (WALTER GROSS)
06. Holy War *
07. Slow Tapes (MYSTERY CAVE)
08. Haunted (ELUSIVE)
09. Funeral (TENSHUN)
10. Iron Maiden *
11. Yo Voy A Morir *
12. Shivers (CITIZEN TEN)
13. Slow Tapes (GIOVANNI MARKS)
14. Beating Of My Heat (Live) *
16. Slow Tapes (DNTEL)


Also Available On: CD or CASSETTE

ANGELS DUST is producer Psychopop & singer Flavia. In June 2015 HIT+RUN released their mesmerizing debut EP ‘Slow Tapes’ [HNR48], six moody songs swathed in grainy reverb and dense production. Critics praised Angels Dust’s hazy sound & haunting vocal stylings, bracketing their psychedelic dream pop alongside Portishead, Broadcast, Mazzy Star & Beach House.

In Summer 2015, four vocal tracks were passed to select producers (Dntel, Elusive, Tenshun, Esgar, Coto, Mystery Cave, Walter Gross, Giovanni Marks, Citizen Ten, Sinking Swimmer, Graveline, Gato & Chitlins) to reinterpret in their own method.


oddlogic – Feedback Loops [E.P.] [2016]

oddlogic – Feedback Loops [E.P.]
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01. fdbk_1
02. fdbk_2
03. fdbk_3

oddlogic – Feedback Loops

All sounds created via “no-input” feedback loops. Processed with VST effects, tweaked, and recorded in realtime. Artwork is a composite of several still frames from an audio visualization program I’m working on, the sound source is “fdbk_2”.

Beat Tape

Starchildluke – THE Black Nerd Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2016]

Starchildluke – THE Black Nerd Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. End Time
02. Dusty Days
03. Spirit Tag
04. Basic Groove
05. Deconstruction
06. Hot Gunrunner
07. Jazz Cats In The Night
08. Book Rhythm
09. Bleak Soul
10. Crisis Healer
11. Get Ready (Remember)
12. Hellfire
13. Birthday

Starchildluke – THE Black Nerd Beat Tape

Terry Gant and Troy Hunter are friends of mine and host Stakes Is High: THE Black Nerd Podcast where they “talk nerd s**t and things that they like”, which includes sports, tech, comics, music, and whatever else attracts their attention. Since they both have exquisite taste in friends *ahem* and music, I decided to make a whole beat tape for them.

Album E.P.

The Schizophrenics – The Schizophrenics [E.P.] [2015]

The Schizophrenics – The Schizophrenics [E.P.]
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01. Introduction
02. Memory Loss
03. Drunken Master
04. Blowin’ Up
05. Under the Table
06. Dusty’s Theme
07. Space Cakes

The Schizophrenics – The Schizophrenics

The Schizophrenics came to life in the Summer of 2015. Created by Queens rapper Starvin B and producer Dusty G, it is the story of three different characters whose personalities blur the line between reality and delusion. It is a mix of raw lyrics over rugged beats, proving that the “golden era” of hip hop is still among us, as long as you know where to look. Starvin B takes the word “emcee” to a new level, seamlessly switching personalities and styles to deliver three distinct voices. Dusty G keeps heads nodding with classic hip hop production with a chillingly dark edge. The Schizophrenics is available at


PIG PEN – I Love You [Video] [2016]

PIG PEN – I Love You [Video]

Beat Tape

Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits [Beat Tape] [2016]

Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits [Beat Tape]
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01. Laka
02. Stinky Freaky Sticky Icky
03. Jazzy
04. Orange
05. Ruffneck Madness
06. Strange Seed
07. Yugen
08. Enjoy
09. Smooth Walk
10. Sun Is Life
11. Timewarp
12. What The Funk
13. Workout Theme
14. Good Old Days
15. Milky Haze
16. Baby Mind

Emapea – Seeds, Roots & Fruits

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl or Limited Edition Cassette or Limited Edition Compact Disc

Accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea has made memorable appearances on many Cold Busted label compilations – such as in the IWYMI and Bust Free series – and has been selected for inclusion in Mark Farina’s next Mushroom Jazz installment. All this activity has mouths watering for the debut full length album from Emapea, and the appearance of Seeds, Roots & Fruits doesn’t disappoint one bit. Featuring sixteen exceptional tracks ranging from hip hop to acid jazz to psychedelic trip hop in the style of Mo’Wax, Emapea’s long player is indeed, as a wise man once said, “a journey into sound.” Seeds, Roots & Fruits rises above the average beats album to reveal the enduring depth of this young producer … Emapea is one to watch.

Beat Tape

motion. – sequence vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2016]

motion. – sequence vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. .wake
02. welcome
03. bundles
04. into.u
05. gifte
06. first flight
07. trips [ w/sleepdealer ]
08. dreams [ day ]
09. 88′
10. spacedust
11. darkgems
12. starstruck
13. places
14. destiny
15. images
16. dreams [ night ]
17. dynasty
18. humble
19. shleep. [ w/awtumn ]

motion. – sequence vol. 1

Beat Tape

Rice Master Yen – THE PRICE OF RICE VOL. 32 [Beat Tape] [2016]

Rice Master Yen – THE PRICE OF RICE VOL. 32 [Beat Tape]
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01. Big Bob-omb on the Summit
02. Footrace with Koopa the Quick
03. Shoot to the Island in the Sky
04. Find the 8 Red Coins
05. Mario Wings to the Sky
06. Behind Chain Chomp’s Gate 100 Coin Power Star
07. Chip off Whomp’s Block
08. To the Top of the Fortress
09. Shoot into the Wild Blue
10. Fall onto the Caged Island
11. Blast Away the Wall
12. Plunder in the Sunken Ship
13. Can the Eel Come out and Play?
14. Treasure of the Ocean Cave
15. Blast to the Stone Pillar
16. Through the Jet Stream
17. Slip Slidin’ Away
18. Li’l Penguin Lost
19. Big Penguin Race
20. Snowman’s Lost his Head
21. Go on a Ghost Hunt
22. Ride Big Boo’s Merry-Go-Round
23. Secret of the Haunted Books
24. Big Boo’s Balcony
25. Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
26. Swimming Beast in the Cavern
27. Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
28. Navigating the Toxic Maze
29. A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit
30. Watch for the Rolling Rocks

Rice Master Yen – THE PRICE OF RICE VOL. 32


AXNii7 – MNIAXN7 EP [E.P.] [2016]

AXNii7 – MNIAXN7 EP [E.P.]
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01. inneruni-verse
02. subducting
03. sim earth
04. contactor


Album Beat Tape

Amiri – The New Negative [Beat Tape/Album] [2016]

Amiri – The New Negative [Beat Tape/Album]
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01. Keep It Movin!
02. Move!
03. Money Hungry
04. Cartoonish
05. LiveYaLife
06. Land O’ La’s
07. Misled
08. Night Maneuvers
09. Wild Wild West
10. Da Foundation!
11. I Told Ya
12. In Tha Moog
13. The Vent
14. Relationships
15. Dinner For Two

Amiri – The New Negative

Also Available On: Compact Disc


Cryptic One – Crypstramentals Volume 11 – Beataday 2 – Halfway [Instrumentals] [2016]

Cryptic One – Crypstramentals Volume 11 – Beataday 2 – Halfway [Instrumentals]
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01. S2E2 Sunrisin’
02. S2E4 Stay Cool Like Dat
03. S2E5 Life’s A…
04. S2E8 Blue Notes
05. S2E11 Love Freedom, Miss the Towers
06. S2E16 Sunsettin’
07. S2E19 Riding Blurs
08. S2E31 Cloud 9 through 647
09. S2E34 Man on Fire
10. S2E38 Sea of Clouds
11. BONUS TRACK – Roof Meditation
12. BONUS TRACK – Stop Raindrop n Roll
13. BONUS TRACK – Fountain of Wisdom
14. BONUS TRACK – Raptor Practice

Cryptic One – Crypstramentals Volume 11 – Beataday 2 – Halfway

Beat Tape

emune & Mujo情 – SP​-​ECIALS [Beat Tape] [2016]

emune & Mujo情 – SP​-​ECIALS [Beat Tape]
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01. Mujo情 – Waiting
02. emune – Faded
03. Mujo情 – Round Midnight
04. emune – Paraiso
05. Mujo情 – Lemon Haze
06. emune – Blunts
07. Mujo情 – Skater Dog
08. emune – Blap
09. Mujo情 – Polimer Tape
10. emune – Cruisin
11. Mujo情 – Bird House
12. emune – Bounce
13. Mujo情 – Detroit Streets
14. emune – Don’t Blink

emune & Mujo情 – SP​-​ECIALS

Also Available On: emune & Mujo情 – [SP-ECIALS] CD

Beat Tape

teams. – allstarz. [Beat Tape] [2016]

teams. – allstarz. [Beat Tape]
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01. allstarz [gamestart]
02. nycruisin
03. chargebuster.
04. sonicboom
05. king k.rools palace.
6. quarterz
7. itsovr [continue?]

teams. – allstarz.

Beat Tape

prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond [Beat Tape] [2016]

prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond [Beat Tape]
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01. bby u a hrkmr dmnd
02. berler rmx
03. super you rmx
04. eliijah rmx
05. super secret aloe boyz rmx
06. skittish arm rmx
07. citrus melon carcrash rmx
08. natty gray rmx
09. malibu rmx

prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond

Also Available On: Ltd Ed. TDK Play It Loud C60 Clear Cassette Tape

“There is a vision that plays in my head very often. I remember the night the vision was induced in my mind and even then, it felt so familiar. It was an evening in Brickell Key, Miami, and I was with my friend, Zachary. While waiting for our friend Bliss, Zachary and I sat on a bench, alongside the Miami River as we lingered on the island. My eyes wandered before I could inhale deeply. As the night sunk darker and the wind blew colder, an elevated euphoria hit me. I was unable to comprehend why I felt such ecstasy. The topography of the island affected me immensely; the depth of the night sky, the faint jazz music coming from across the river, along with the sound of the waves, the wind tangling my hair, and my head on Zachary’s right shoulder. Glaring at the city lights seeking through the scandalous Miami humidity, I cried. It was in that moment that the vision originated.
Suddenly, the vision shifts to a close-up of a gentlelady in her early 20s, wearing a red velvet gown as she sits inside a high-class restaurant late at night with a group of young adults. She handles her glass of white wine and places it gently on the interstice of her matte, dark nude lipstick-stained lips to take a sip. I am unsure who this lady is, but I recognize the setting as being somewhere on Brickell Key that same night I was with Zachary.


Terem – Movement [E.P.] [2016]

Terem – Movement [E.P.]
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01. Outer Space
02. Slow Down
03. Everything Is Rhythm
04. Where & When
05. Turn My Head
06. Addictive
07. Echoes Of You

Terem – Movement

Chilled, meditative, futuristic soul music.

“Movement EP encompasses the incessant movement of life, a succession of moments and choices. Each moment is something new and everything is continuous Movement” – @terem