Beat Tape

SgBLk – huez [Beat Tape] [2015]

SgBLk – huez [Beat Tape]
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01. perpel
02. blü
03. grēn
04. ôrenj
05. wred
06. yeloh

SgBLk – huez

Beat Tape

Upper Class – VHS MUSIC [Beat Tape] [2015]

Upper Class – VHS MUSIC [Beat Tape]
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01. pank.ow
02. almeida (ft. ojmacoj)
03. 1961
04. cigar orders
05. all the drugs
06. tobacco
07. berlin punks
08. lost in thoughts v2

Upper Class – VHS MUSIC

leftover vibes from autumn ’15 and stuff that’s been taken out of the “cigar sessions” tape. thanks for the great support on that one so far – this goes out to all of you for free (if you want it that way). peace.
total runtime: 12:54 mins

Beat Tape

Otto M.x | Leo | [offbeatninja] – Game Room HD [Beat Tape] [2012/2015]

Otto M.x | Leo | [offbeatninja] – Game Room HD [Beat Tape]
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02. Amusement_Pwnage….
03. bomberman[64]
04. Heroic.Meter
05. Inter-Da-Lude_(You_Hate_Boss_Fights_Now….)
06. k-ent.~
Side B:
07. Mid-Day_Fields…
08. Odyssey_of_Floating_Monkeys….
09. Sci-Fi Institute.
10. starblade.
11. Storm_The_RayFloor…
12. Your_Moves_Have_Been_BUSTED
13. Broken.Analog.$tick. [25]

Otto M.x | Leo | [offbeatninja] – Game Room HD

A 2012 beat tape that decided to release again. So consider this a “HD Remake”

Beat Tape

Mark My Words & Sinar​-​Matic – Beats & Pieces [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mark My Words & Sinar​-​Matic – Beats & Pieces [Beat Tape]
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01. Fly With Me
02. You
03. Green Gold
04. Always in Me
05. Live For Ever
06. Lights, Camera, Action
07. Recognise That
08. Walking with Nebulas
09. Serenading Waterfalls
10. We Be Lazy
11. Who Knows
12. Focus of Attention
13. Where I Grew Up
14. You Leave Her Alone
15. We All Cry

Mark My Words & Sinar​-​Matic – Beats & Pieces

Beat Tape

Politiks – Symphony Vol. 3 [Beat Tape] [2015]

Politiks – Symphony Vol. 3 [Beat Tape]
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01. The Storm
02. The Passage
03. Sherpa
04. Dynasty
05. Outer Rim
06. North
07. Dying Eagle
08. My Life
09. Horizon
10. Terra Nova
11. The End
12. Echo Base

Politiks – Symphony Vol. 3

… they fought for months across glaciers and through skin piercing blizzards to discover a tape with timeless tracks of finest beat making art.

those who heard it found life!

This Beat Tape is intended for your listening experience only!
Please don’t use the beats for other purposes. Thank you!

Beat Tape

HZHA – Iris [Beat Tape] [2015]

HZHA – Iris [Beat Tape]
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01. YourBrain
02. Filter
03. Ginevra,Love U.
04. Fridayy
05. Tourtles
06. RetroFuture
07. FaustoPini
08. SUNday
09. On the Yellow Sòfà
10. Throw
11. ProblemSolver
12. ahzh
13. The other side of HZ
14. Megabus Feat VittorioGervasi al SAX
15. Roma/Firenze Mood feat VittorioGervasi al Sax
16. Fish Feat Dr.FunkyDreo
17. in the Mystic Hzha’s Flow Feat Vene
18. Poi…Feat MissLeavy
19. Salvador Feat Zkr
20. ABC Feat Coen
21. SaturdayNightFever Feat Dr Dreo
22. Salvador Feat Zkr

HZHA – Iris

Beat Tape

Mr Hone – Nag Champa [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mr Hone – Nag Champa [Beat Tape]
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01. Chill_
02. Brown Sug’r
03. Switch
04. Addicted
05. Khryo Flip
06. Ballade
07. In a dream (Lost)
08. Lazy
09. Fonk’G
10. First Kiss
11. Intimate_
12. Library addict’
13. Me & You
14. Sushi shop
15. Smoov’Ish
16. Madame Chat
17. Do your thing
18. Love for Sapho

Mr Hone – Nag Champa

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Nag Champa is a moment through the mind of French producer Mr Hone (Nowadays Records / Plexus Records / De La Boucle).
Perfect blend between rnb, hip hop, jazz & soul for help you to chill out and appreciate this moment of listening

Beat Tape

jay kubes – 94′ Griffy [Beat Tape] [2015]

jay kubes – 94′ Griffy [Beat Tape]
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01. from the gutter
02. trillology
03. free[style] beat
04. raw apparatus
05. jacobs space base
06. daytime moon
07. wrong portal
08. space time continuum
09. mastr chffn
10. rags to riches then back to rags
11. true beat 1

jay kubes – 94′ Griffy

Beat Tape

PAUL HARES – The Definative Works [Beat Tape] [2015]

PAUL HARES – The Definative Works [Beat Tape]
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01. Contamination
02. To Chew the Fat (PT I)
03. To Chew the Fat (PT II)
04. To Chew the Fat (PT III)
05. To Chew the Fat (PT IV)
06. To Chew the Fat (PT V)
07. To Chew the Fat (PT VI)
08. To Chew the Fat (PT VII)
09. To Chew the Fat (PT VIII)
10. To Chew the Fat (PT IX)
11. To Chew the Fat (PT X)
12. Echo (Feat. Troyano Novich & Alley)
13. Meltdown at Balakovo
14. Radiation
21. Muddy Cocktail (PT I)
22. Muddy Cocktail (PT II)
23. Muddy Cocktail (PT III)
24. Muddy Cocktail (PT IV)
25. Internal Dialogue (PT I)
26. Internal Dialogue (PT II)
27. Kotora Instrumental
28. Loop Flaw (Outro)
29. Nemo (Bonus)
30. Cobra (Bonus)

PAUL HARES – The Definative Works

Also Available On: PAUL HARES – The Definative Works Cassette

The Definative* Works is a collection of recordings dating from 2012 – 2015. It includes such cult classics as “To Chew the Fat”, “NT WRK IIB”, “Muddy Cocktail”, “Internal Dialogue”, and various other unreleased singles which have been mixed down into an archive of a whopping 27 minutes per side (54 minutes + bonus material) = more than an hour of exclusive Paul Hares Material.


During the first six months of 1990, the Saratov oblast hydro-meteorological center had issued 28 different pollution warnings to the Saratov city government and health department, with little effect. The center had also encountered no success in obtaining municipal cooperation in having seventeen petrochemical enterprises in the city cut back operation to reduce the levels of dangerous pollutants spreading throughout the region of the lower Volga.The problem of atmospheric pollution in Saratov had been raised first by local citizen – activists in the early 1980s, yet nothing changed because of the close inter-dependancy of the oblast party-state establishment and the management of the large petrochemical industries.
By 1990 a new controversy pitting the public in the southern Volga region against big industry was the Balakovo nuclear power plant. Located on the shore of the Volga in northern Saratov, the Balakovo nuclear power station was the same model that had partially melted down at Chernobyl in 1986. By 1989-90, the Balakovo station had become notorious for its poor safety record and technical failures requiring frequent shut-downs and repairs, and citizens’ groups arose, alarmed by the incidence of diseases affecting children in the immediate area of the station. The plan to add a fifth and sixth energy block to the Balakovo station aroused public protests in 1989-90, with human chains blocking the entrance to the station in fears that the same human and technical failures of a Chernobyl, should they occur at Balakovo, would produce an ecological catastrophe far surpassing even that of 1986 for the entire southern Volga region.What transpired next was completely unthinkable – a catastrophe so horrific, downright nauseating, that it left many by-standards in a state of uncontrolled hysteria, followed by complete paralysis.

Enter Paul Hares.

With his unique style of mixing and blending cassette tape (often physically) to derive at what can be experienced as a world of deep and often introspective moments, moods and feelings. Lead by atmospheric drones (samples??), a looming almost industrial approach to percussion; Paul Hares stands as of the most important and progressive producers of current lo-fi – experimental, and genre defying music.

Beat Tape Compilation

AA.VV. – LIFE IS BEATFUL [Compilation] [2015]

AA.VV. – LIFE IS BEATFUL [Compilation]
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01. ZeMàuno – ILL Catch U
02. Daryo Bass – 3on2
03. HLMNSRA – Hip Hop culture was
04. Odeeno – Wakeup
05. Grillo – Feelit
06. Tony Madonia – Control Level
07. Yambù – R?w_ess
08. Karpe Die – Cum on
09. Roi U Alcocat – Life is
10. Bainmass – Don’t sleep
11. Nebbia – D T R T
12. Dj Jad The Tailor – Warm
13. Iken – December
15. GSQ – Feel (Touch)
16. Dj Mbatò – Carry on
17. Avatar – Mask
18. Irhu – 4 ever&ever
19. Izk – Ca$hrulez
20. PieffeBeatz – Magic Nights
21. Railster – Modest Budget
22. Major Soul – Reflections
23. Wuf – Sinkin
24. Natty Dub – Nothing You Need
25. OohGì – Loose
26. Seventeen I Am – Lakshmi
27. Sandal – Cold Soul
28. WNDRFLSHW – Keep quiet (feat. Brothermartino)
29. Brothermartino – Anotha day
30. Q3000 – True Stay
31. Thoro – Susio
32. Sonakine – Fearless
33. Deal The BeatKrusher – Want Freedom
34. Jee – Dawn
35. Fulvio Kami – Stranger than paradise
36. Thegodfatherexperience – Crazy is…
37. Italo Beats – 23
38. Sodo Studio – Via Tribunali
39. DigginInTheTapes – DigginInTheTapes 02 (FunkPrez & Booze)
40. Kid Beat – 3cult
41. Scissor – Still a piece of shit
42. Freshbeat – Voices
43. Bonbooze – Shewantitlikethat
44. Brianoize – Orchid/mantra
45. F L V Z E N – Babyhurtmemore
46. Hatemysurname – She (prequel)
47. Microspore – Fumes


Beat Tape

sincerely, mando – over_times [Beat Tape] [2015]

sincerely, mando – over_times [Beat Tape]
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01. the stings
02. staykool-no-crashies
03. nspite-of-myself
04. gotta go away
05. neva-evas
06. coming-to-grips
07. friday-mornings
08. black berry kush
09. better-for-u
10. sumthing-luvly-22
11. ushamed
12. maybe-tru
13. all_ta_same
14. coors&resin-ithinkimnheaven
15. early-merlot
16. flac-error-file
17. stay-kool
18. its_time
19. what_ever_it_takes
20. tryingtostart
21. to_much_sugar
22. oh_fasho
23. that_jumbalia
24. outro-doggie-dog-world
25. rancho-cordova-sambas
26. still-failing
27. summernights-alcholicdays
28. james-doin-the-bernie
29. before-it-happens
30. procrastination
31. loungenforleazure
32. ode-to-qb
33. overcast-loops
34. can-u-feel-us
35. thirst-hunger-compulsion
36. better-or-for-worse
37. waytomuch
38. your-world
39. your-world
40. delusions-of-grander
41. fridaynights-saturdaymornings
42. sunday-oldman-tunes
43. be-there-take2
44. blue-room-bedbeats
45. setinstonefinal
46. sunday-funk
47. getnlow
48. sunz of man natural high
49. neva be the same
50. drowsymorning
51. eazys
52. ifyoucouldberight
53. lemontrees(1)
54. ranchonites
55. saturdayafternons
56. boogieyo
57. fall-mornings
58. uralozer
59. cheapwine&friends
60. roacherso
61. lost-objects

sincerely, mando – over_times

a span over the yrs from my use of mpc 2000xl, ableton live 8, reason, sp404, sp505, micro-korg. varies from track to track and loops from various sample sources.

Beat Tape

Infinite Thoughts – Peace And Breaks [Beat Tape] [2015]

Infinite Thoughts – Peace And Breaks [Beat Tape]
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01. Remember When
02. Hot,Sizzlin,Scorchin,Blazin, Large Pro Remix
03. Her Friends
04. Pure
05. Both Understand
06. Early Birdz
07. On To Sumthin
08. Beats That Be Blastin’
09. If This Moment Could Last
10. R.E.M.
11. West To East
12. Not For You
13. Hate And Spite
14. Relax A Little

Infinite Thoughts – Peace And Breaks


Tallen – Hard​.​Choices​.​EP [E.P.] [2015]

Tallen – Hard​.​Choices​.​EP [E.P.]
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01. Hardships
02. Hardships (ft. Ludacris)
03. My Girl
04. My Girl (ft. Gucci Mane)

Tallen – Hard​.​Choices​.​EP

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Aamir of Escape Artists – The Quiet After The Storm Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2015]

Aamir of Escape Artists – The Quiet After The Storm Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. The Birth (Produced by Jani 5)
02. The Difference (Produced by DJ Extend)
03. Contaminated Energy (Produced by Dday One)
04. The Owl & The Crow (Produced by Xczircles)
05. Reflections (Produced by Weeda Fresh)
06. Broken Window (Produced by Flux)
07. Stuck In A Maze (Produced by Joe Dub)
08. The Quiet After The Storm OG Version (Produced by Weeda Fresh)
09. Sands Of Time (Produced by Xczircles)
10. No Destination (Produced by Riff Raff)
11. Love Goddess (Produced by Weeda Fresh)
12. Feel The Sun (Produced by Smokey 131)
13. Opposite (Produced by Weeda Fresh)
14. Oh So Blue (Produced by Smokey 131)
15. The Laughter Within (Produced by Guidebook)

Aamir of Escape Artists – The Quiet After The Storm Instrumentals

Free Download of 15 Instrumentals from the T.Q.A.T.S. album.

The only instrumentals missing are “Together Forever” Produced by Efalive, and “The Quiet After The Storm” Remix Produced by Xczircles.



The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.] [2015]

The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.]
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01. BackSeat Heat
02. KungFu Class

The Mixtapers – Quattro

It is no surprise to anybody that Laruche loves Funk Music, a complete style which includes in its influences Jazz, Rock and Blues and a genre that has gone on to have a major influence on hip-hop.

It is thus with great pleasure that we present you “Quattro”, a 2 track EP produced by the very talented “The Mixtapers,” an Italian group hailing from Bologna that we discovered last year via the English label Expansions Collective

“The Mixtapers” formed back in 2012, founded by “Michele Manzo” and “Brothermartino” two musicians who had been friends since high school. The sound of “The Mixtapers” aims to be more in the lineage of Slave or Aurra than Italo-Disco (no offence Sabrina.)

The EP is made up not from computers or gadgets, but live instruments. The furious guitars punctuate a traditional funk rhythm strewed with notes of keyboards and warm basses.

Quattro is the duo’s (who over time have become more of a collective of musicians) fourth project.

Now sit back and listen to The Mixtapers their talent and integrity are undeniable.