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Harald Kindseth – Ocean Brie [Beat Tape] [2015]

Harald Kindseth – Ocean Brie [Beat Tape]
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01. Kefi
02. This
03. 40
04. Ocean Brie
05. 234567
06. Wailele
07. Ninjas With Altitude
08. Botanique
09. Mayday
10. Hydrasjonsmiddel

Harald Kindseth – Ocean Brie

Ocean Brie er en 10 spor lang kulinarisk reise over de syv hav med samples luftige som seil forankret i tunge repetitive grooves. Det hele er så krydret med inspirasjon fra store deler av verden og serveres like godt varm som kald. Skiva passer både til rolig lounging på soldekket og til dansegulvet i byssa. EP-en er gitt ut på Stundom Records.


Sam Blans – Shout Out Gaia Beat [Single] [2015]

Sam Blans – Shout Out Gaia Beat [Single]
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01. Shout Out Gaia Beat

Sam Blans – Shout Out Gaia Beat

Every now and then there’s a song that becomes synonymous with the style it represents. These are the defining tracks of these movements, the ones that immediately captivate listeners and make DJs see it as their mission on Earth to play it to as many people as possible. Afro-house is one such movement, and while the world is still dancing to genre-defining anthems like Dotorado’s African Scream, there’s always another huge hit being shared online and making dancers and DJs alike go nuts. Sam Blans’ absolutely epic Shout Out Gaia Beat is definitely one of those tracks.

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Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist [Beat Tape] [2015]

Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist [Beat Tape]
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01. visible Words (74bpm)
02. Tired of hearing the moans of depression (82bpm)
03. Desnudame (90bpm)
04. Simplicity is beauty (90bpm)
05. Rock love (95bpm)
06. Your song (84bpm)
07. Oasis (79bpm)
08. Delusions (72bpm)
09. Foot with sand (75bpm)
10. Viewing my might fall (72bpm)
11. Moving down pa (88bpm)
12. Deep inside (79bpm)
13. Today (87bpm)
14. My (91bpm)
15. Extinct Instinct (84bpm)
16. My horizon do not get it (86bpm)
17. YoRiego Borrego, VoRuega (72bpm)
18. sleepwalk (77bpm)
19. Animas discouraged (88bpm)
20. Tune Symphony (73bpm)
21. What I can tell (96bpm) (version 2015)
22. Unless Be Mine (80bpm)
23. Come to hide (75bpm)
24. My camel is now diler (84bpm)
25. To the bottom (78bpm)
26. The canteen was closed (87bpm)
27. Orgasms (92bpm) (version 2015)
28. Although it sounds (100bpm) (version 2015)
29. No longer (97bpm) (version 2015)
30. A piano played 2013 (90bpm)
31. Neither sweet nor trick, I want a joint (68 bpm)

Cindrome – The Silence Does Not Exist

Beat Tape

Tranzformer – World wide web [Beat Tape] [2015]

Tranzformer – World wide web [Beat Tape]
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01. Overdose
02. Fiends
03. Raw focus
04. Surf Prod. Smash Bros (Tranzformer x J-Science)
05. Digital Waves
06. Stay Smoking
07. Kids Prod. Smash bros
08. Circles
09. Dusty breaks

Tranzformer – World wide web

Beat Tape

MikeDBeatsByD – Late Summer Night Beats II [Beat Tape] [2015]

MikeDBeatsByD – Late Summer Night Beats II [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro – Intro – Intro
02. Same Mistake
03. Beyonce
04. Something Not Real
05. Searching For A Piece of Mind
06. Damn Instagram Girls
07. Summer Madness
08. Lust At First Sight
09. Summer Crushing (Amor de Verano)
10. The Magic Hour
11. Moonlight Grooves
12. Phone Sex Intermission
13. Uber Sessions
14. Tom Tom/ Summer Nightmares
15. Memories Till September
16. Intro to Side B
17. Green Line Chasing/ Intro to Lyzabeth
18. Lzyabeth Lopez
19. Katy Perry
20. Love For Sale
21. Russell Ave.
22. Backseat Lovin
23. 4:34 AM
24. Uber Sessions Pt. 2
25. Skyscrappers
26. To the Moon & Back (Para La Eternidad)
27. Skull & Crossbones
28. Ana Cheri
29. Autumnal Equinox
30. Till Next Time

MikeDBeatsByD – Late Summer Night Beats II

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Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – Golden Breaks (the beat tape) [Beat Tape] [2015]

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – Golden Breaks (the beat tape) [Beat Tape]
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01. DatEastSideSh-t
02. From The Ground Unda
03. Hyphy360
04. JamSess 1999
05. Psilocyber
06. Sidewalk Dice Toss
07. Sleep One Toking
08. The Golden Breaks

Sunny Cheema AKA Sleep One – Golden Breaks (the beat tape)

This album is dedicated to everybody who enjoys real music not that same old radio trash. Also to all the people out there who support Underground Art, Rhythm, Culture.
Made for all the Graff heads in the world, All The fly Chicks, All The Buddah heads, The Peaceful Aliens, The Dope Lyrical Cats, and to all the humble folks who shown me respect regardless of what step they were on.
Mostly this album is set out to showcase some of my skills as well.
So Enjoy.
– Sleep 1

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Rkwhy – Weather [Beat Tape] [2015]

Rkwhy – Weather [Beat Tape]
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01. 1998
02. Clouds
03. 4Knx
04. Breeze
05. Storm
06. Warmth
07. Ice

Rkwhy – Weather


Dox Boogie & BZdaGod – BRACE YASELF [Single] [2015]

Dox Boogie & BZdaGod – BRACE YASELF [Single]
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Dox Boogie & BZdaGod – BRACE YASELF

Free Promotional Track to gain buzz for upcoming album ‘Dox Boogie & BZdaGod’ featuring 2 Chainz, Tori Franco & Dox Boogie. All Production by Dox Boogie Music ASCAP , Executive Produced , recorded & engineered by Dox Boogie in The Kave for ©2015 Brain Kave Music Group LLC.
A Lyrical attack & rhyme Scheme barrage by BZdaGod over a Grunge influenced Dox Boogie Banger!
Performed by BZdaGod (Chukk Stewart)

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Funky DL – Le Emporium De Jazz Jazzstrumentals [Instrumentals] [2015]

Funky DL – Le Emporium De Jazz Jazzstrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Don’t Hold Your Breath (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
02. Rock To Her Beat 2000 (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
03. Clock-Watchers (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
04. Mana, The Girl From Kanagawa (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
05. About You (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
06. Rhymin’ 76 (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
07. No Comprendo (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
08. I Am / Quattro (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
09. It’s Beautiful (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
10. Stronger (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
11. The Sweetest Thing (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
12. Jazzphonics (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
13. I Can’t Help You (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
14. Back Around The Old School (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
15. But That’s Not Me (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)
16. Land Of The Kings (Le Emporium Jazzstrumental)

Funky DL – Le Emporium De Jazz Jazzstrumentals

“Le Emporium De Jazz” Jazzstrumentals is the brilliant INSTRUMENTAL version of the brand new jazzy hip-hop album by Funky DL, bringing the most colourful jazz audio over DL’s classic and signature hip-hop sound. This collection of 16 previously unreleased and newly revised Funky DL beats has everything jazzy hip-hop lovers will appreciate, from mellow jazzy beats to grooves delivered with smoothness.

Beat Tape E.P.

Žiga Murko – GLOW [Beat Tape] [2015]

Žiga Murko – GLOW [Beat Tape]
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01. Light That Dutch
02. Glow
03. Sound of Tomorrow
04. Non Sequitor
05. Nadir
06. Marjana Flip
07. Casablanca

Žiga Murko – GLOW

Also Available On: Glow 7″

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Knowsum – Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 7 – Hyasynthus [Beat Tape] [2015]

Knowsum – Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 7 – Hyasynthus [Beat Tape]
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01. Impure Prologue
02. Ghost Feat. Anna-Louise Hoffmann
03. Tesserakt
04. Interlude
05. Mrsfcfoe
06. Bubbles Feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis
07. Papapropaganda
08. Homo Momentus
09. Mumps
10. Klingsor
11. Consequencer
12. Fruit Of The Doom
13. Tesserakt Pt. 2
14. Illusion
15. Home Feat. Jean-Foucaud Rouxbelle
16. Reset Feat. Jean-Foucaud Rouxbelle
17. Quiet Epilogue

Knowsum – Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 7 – Hyasynthus

Also Available On: Vinyl Version

This record is also available in the “Hi-Hat Club Collector’s Box Set” with all parts of the producer series available at following link:



After a two year hiatus, the Hi-Hat Club returns with Volume 7 of the Melting Pot Music producer series. Back in 2009 MPM hooked-up with photographer Robert Winter with the mission to give the burgeoning producer scene a new platform and a good look too. The Hi-Hat Club layed the foundation of the German beatmaker scene of today and kicked off the careers of artits like Twit-One, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Fid Mella and Full Crate.

Fast forward to 2015, an instrumental hip-hop record is not so special anymore. Everybody and their mother is doing beats now – from boom- bap to future beats to whatever. The scene has never been more vibrant and great records are dropping left, right and center.

It would have been easy to fit in here with a new Hi-Hat Club record. But we wanted to look a bit further, take a few more risks and release a record that doesn’t care too much about what’s poppin right now. And we believe that “Hyasynthus” is such a record. We have been fans of Knowsum for a while now and the 22 year old Sichtexot diciple has blessed us with an album that demands a lot from his listener but gives back as much. If not double. Some people might ask if this is still hip- hop but we couldn’t care less … This cat is on his own ish for real!

Beat Tape Compilation

BeatLAB – Compilation Vol​.​1 [Compilation] [2015]

BeatLAB – Compilation Vol​.​1 [Compilation]
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01. Styles – [Mister Litty]
02. You Got ME – [EarlJam]
03. Pma – [ENTRO//]
04. We – [Jimmy Flipshyt]
05. Boombap Sunday – [W∆lla_C]
06. Bag of stones – [Pisces]
07. Rapture – [Son – Zu]
08. Greatness For A Snakes Arm – [Latchi]
09. Untitled – [For_Rest]
10. Big In Nepal – [Turtle Jones]
11. MoreFireLessFire – [Card Houses]
12. Taurine – [ENTRO//] (Bonus Track)

BeatLAB – Compilation Vol​.​1


Sev Seveer – Convergence EP [E.P.] [2015]

Sev Seveer – Convergence EP [E.P.]
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01. All For You
02. Rockets
03. Cab Snails
04. Stranger

Sev Seveer – Convergence EP


Tommy Tee – Tommy Tee instrumentals vol.1. Beats & Beliefs [Instrumentals] [2015]

Tommy Tee – Tommy Tee instrumentals vol.1. Beats & Beliefs [Instrumentals]
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01. International Connects (Instrumental)
02. Hip-Hop Love (Instrumental)
03. One in a million (Instrumental)
04. Blood Rush (Instrumental)
05. Spectactors (Instrumental)
06. Keefa (Instrumental)
07. Primoz II (Instrumental)
08. Uphony (Instrumental)
09. I Come to Collect (Instrumental)
10. Sho is Funky (Instrumental Demo)
11. Grieg (Instrumental Demo)
12. Widow (Instrumental Demo)

Beat Tape

Shine – meditation​.​loops_ [Beat Tape] [2015]

Shine – meditation​.​loops_ [Beat Tape]
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01. elevation
02. slowdwn
03. smoke.sumn
04. raws
05. blowyamnd
07. sol glo
08. woo.hahh
09. realization
10. feels

Shine – meditation​.​loops_