Various Artists – allegiance vol III [Compilation] [2015]

Various Artists – allegiance vol III [Compilation]
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01. Strooly~ 7 Rings
02. Bored Lord~ Remembering to Forget
03. TR€€K€€P€R~ • Cycles • (Divoli S’vere Powerup)
04. ƽίгεɳƽ ʒ ƽѧτyгƽ~ falter
05. Tim Prince~ Odesza~White Lies (Tim Prince Remix)
06. ROLMEX~ Most of One
07. Squirrely Bass~ Tryptamine
08. S∆MUEL L. D∆BSØN~ phlossin
09. ..maybe~ Real Quick 02:40
10. Shmuck the Loyal~ Travis Scott~Upper Echelon (Shmuck the Loyal’s chopped & slurred edit)
11. chat room~ Backyard Aquariam
12. A u g u s t~ lady eboshi
13. DNGO.~ Kenshi (犬歯)
14. Cthuhlord~ LOST
15. blackpanelskript~ G L ‡ † † Ξ R
16. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş~ ßęāŭŧŷ
17. Luck Dragon~ Stolen Garden
18. ECCOWAVE~ ash
19. Gallotía~ Fall
20. Lakshmi Bemhar~ stalker
21. дzueᖉdawn~ polarinnersolar
22. Mike Vulcan~ All that was once pure is now forever tainted
23. Duke Spook~ BollywoodBreakOut
24. Nextwon~ Gothic
25. Laeter~ Gertrude Lawrence
26. French~ Croatoan
27. Salt Creek~ Air
28. Turquoise Tiger~ Tell Me Now
29. luxury elite~ endless
30. Customer Service~ ᐆᒪᓴᐃᔨ
31. A u g u s t x TriLLwax~ Corneria
32. CueFace~ Thanks
33. Based Frequency~ ♥I long to hold you♥
34. MisterNervous~ Death Rattle
35. HEAVY HAND~ Kendrick Lamar~Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (HEAVY HAND Bootleg Cover)
36. Kaeli~ Can’t go Home
37. SHOGNOSIS Lab Group~ I Hate Giselle

Various Artists – allegiance vol III

Beat Tape


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01. Akwrd Week
02. You
03. Now Im Trippin
04. Hospital Talk
05. Hippie Flute
06. Oxycotton Vibes


long story short , I broke my leg and it resulted in a hospital stay of one week. it was something I really did not expect . To speak of why I put up this beat tape is that during my hospital stay , I got hold of a laptop rather quickly thanks to family and friends who have supported me . some people write diaries , I try to create beats instead , so this is a bit out of my beat / audio diary I share out which are made basically in the moment and have a story of itself hope you like / hate / love it /share it/ or turn it off // O

Beat Tape

Cool Kennedy – The Organic Computer Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2015]

Cool Kennedy – The Organic Computer Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. We Are Dying
02. Granted Wishes
03. Brain Food
04. Zeros
05. The Prolific
06. Watch Your City
07. Think About We
08. The Plug
09. The Paper Program
10. Sweat Bands
11. Serotonin
12. Serenity
13. Pineal Stargate
14. New B!tche$
15. Need 2 Fly
16. Money Season
17. Last Joint Smoking
18. If We Try
19. How I Live
20. Go Fast
21. Demons

Cool Kennedy – The Organic Computer Beat Tape

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Tree – Treestrumentals [Instrumentals] [2015]

Tree – Treestrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Tree Medley (Intro)
02. The King (Sunday School II)
03. Tough Love (TreeSwag EP)
04. Godlike (The @MCTREEG EP)
05. Know U (Vic Spencer Single)
06. Someday (SoulMoney EP)
07. Koby (Unreleased)
08. Bonzai (Unreleased)
09. TRYNAWIN (Sunday School II)
10. Fame (Sunday School II)
11. Spaghetti (WindChill Compilation)
12. Guts (TreeSwag EP)
13. Lucy (Unreleased)
14. SaveMoney (Unreleased)
15. Take A Breath (SoulMoney EP)
16. Tornado (SoulMoney EP)
17. Somethin’ (Unreleased)
18. Remarkable (Unreleased)
19. [Bonus] Die (w/ Adlibs) (Sunday School)
20. [Bonus] Stay Away (w/ Adlibs) (The @MCTREEG EP)

Tree – Treestrumentals

Today is the day for Treestrumentals, also known as Soultrapstrumentals, also known as @mctreeg “best of” instrumentals: twenty beats that span his career, from collaborations to solo releases, from unreleased tracks to bonus pieces with adlibs. Happy Soul Trap Tuesday, from us to you.


FReECOol – Kuniumi Land [Single] [2015]

FReECOol – Kuniumi Land [Single]
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01. Kuniumi Land

FReECOol – Kuniumi Land [Single]

Beat Tape

FMP – The Animate & The Inanimate [Beat Tape] [2015]

FMP – The Animate & The Inanimate [Beat Tape]
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01. Animation
02. In Between
03. Three
04. Side Effects
05. Twelve Twice
06. Interruptions
07. Anything Can Happen*
08. Processing energy
09. In A Dream World

FMP – The Animate & The Inanimate

Beat Tape

Lilacs & Champagne – Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh [Beat Tape] [2015]

Lilacs & Champagne – Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh [Beat Tape]
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01. Roses & Kisses
02. Made Flesh
03. Longjohn’s Lust
04. All the Room
05. Case Closed!
06. Playin’ With Paul
07. Peril
08. Midnight Creeper II
09. Dreaded Stranger
10. Euro Blow
11. Burning Sensation
12. Wringing Hands
13. On Hold

Lilacs & Champagne – Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh

Instrumental psychedelic hip-hop hybrid Lilacs & Champagne spent their first two albums shining a light on the darkest corners of vintage European cinematic oddities. Their eponymous debut album and the follow-up, Danish & Blue, were warped, psychedelic takes on damaged funk and b-movie film scores. With their palette now thoroughly smeared, coconspirators Emil Amos and Alex Hall are flirting with the makings of a masterpiece in Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh. From the mournful opening breaths of “Roses & Kisses” – a new career high point for the band – it’s obvious they are charting a dynamic new course that simultaneously pays tribute to and explodes the legendary beatmakers that came before. Midnight Features Vol. 2 skins traditional hip-hop to its bones, then builds it back up with the flesh of Eastern European private press psych records, obscure film soundtracks, indistinguishable radio broadcasts, library tapes, and who knows what else from who knows where else. The most remarkable feat of Midnight Features Vol. 2 is not the impressive array of sound sources, but how Lilacs have managed to orchestrate so many seemingly disparate genres into one cohesive future music. They execute sudden changes in mood and tone with uncanny dexterity and grace – a feat made more impressive by their newly expanded line-up that includes Jay Clarke (Ash Black Bufflo) and Zac Reno. They’ve clearly found their groove, and they’re just starting to dig in.

Beat Tape

SU-NAMI – Hikikomori [Beat Tape] [2015]

SU-NAMI – Hikikomori [Beat Tape]
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01. LOST
02. Be sincere
03. Flowers don’t impress
04. Irsis
05. //EJA//
06. Astral
07. BeforETime/The wait

SU-NAMI – Hikikomori

Beat Tape

Steel Tipped Dove – A CABIN RECORD [Beat Tape] [2015]

Steel Tipped Dove – A CABIN RECORD [Beat Tape]
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01. information honey
02. stoke and drink
03. tonic nap cran
04. ash cream
05. warm cellar
06. knee switch
07. spiders just wherever
08. with all the moths, its a wonder there’s room for us
09. light wood table
10. pull through
11. pink cup glass

Steel Tipped Dove – A CABIN RECORD

Beat Tape

Jomac – FavoritesOverTheYears [Beat Tape] [2015]

Jomac – FavoritesOverTheYears [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Bein
03. HowSeen
04. LovesLast
05. Highs
06. MeaninFul
07. PeaceofPiece
08. Interlude
09. DooWop
10. HereGoes
11. HighsnLows
12. PavedWays
13. TypeofBlues
14. GoodDreams
15. Clarity
16. Giftsof..
17. LiveNow
18. Homage
19. Kava Oldee Outro
20. Soothin
21. TribalRhythms
22. BillsArentFree
23. Somethin…Else
24. Thoughts
25. TakeItEZ
26. BeinAsIs..
27. Elevated
28. ForNow..
29. JazzBand
30. Lately
31. Message2All
32. TheMind..
33. Sandra
34. SteadynStress
35. TimesofSand

Jomac – FavoritesOverTheYears

Beat Tape

Mr Galactus – Mr Galactus Beat Tape [Beat Tape] [2015]

Mr Galactus – Mr Galactus Beat Tape [Beat Tape]
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01. Side A
02. Side B

Mr Galactus – Mr Galactus Beat Tape

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette
Mr Galactus is renowned for being heavy in the crates and has honed his craft over the years with staunch dedication and practice whilst scouring the globe for the perfect science to make his lethal concoctions. His years of digging deeper, skill and knowledge culminate in the first installment of his sonic adventures, laid down to tape.

Beat Tape

Gensu Dean – Algorhythms [Beat Tape] [2015]

Gensu Dean – Algorhythms [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Detour
03. I’ll Take You On
04. Verg
05. Yeah Man
06. Lord Said
07. Someone Unchained
08. Girl Just Boogie
09. The Sickle
10. People
11. Hempstead
12. Leave
13. Color Me (skit)
14. Ice Cold
15. No One Here
16. Keep Coming
17. Feel Good
18. Shank Business
19. Too Much
20. Check Yourself (skit)
21. Nothing Like It
22. It Happened Before
23. Somethings Wrong
24. How Do You Spell It?
25. Outro

Gensu Dean – Algorhythms

Producer Gensu Dean has been quiet for a minute after his collaborative album with Planet Asia (Abrasions) and then his production work for 7evenThirty (The Problem). As summer starts he wanted to let his fans know where he’s been musically by offering up an all new instrumental album for free. The 25 track record is meant to be a warm up to the new material Dean has coming late in 2015 and early in 2016.

For those new to Gensu Dean, the analog producer has worked with some of the industry’s greats including Large Professor, David Banner, Planet Asia, Brand Nubian and more. He gets the nod of approval on “Algorhythms” introduction from legendary Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.), DJ Joc Max, and DJ Spinna.


WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4 [Compilation] [2015]

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4 [Compilation]
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01. My Neighbour Is – Funkzzzz…
02. Ashwood Shepard – Could She Be
03. JA:KOVA – Oanz4karl
04. Robot Orchestra – The Unknown
05. SHI.BEATS – We Got it in Space
06. MNSTRMKK – Roronoa
07. Pete Range – Still Just Love…
08. Scottie Royal – Roc the Boat
09. Penny Beats – Blue Sunrise
10. Bonucci – itsu
11. DUST::ERS (Aflo x BKND) – Fondant
12. Luviia. – Chaser Walk
13. Kogutt – Anywhere
14. B-Jam vs Enos – Lost’n’Found
15. Brother Grimm – We Grow Wax pt.2
16. Mr.Woox – Nobody Knows ft. Rob KP
17. Linn Mori – Travel On
18. Henrik3000 – The Smell of Spring
19. [.phelix] – Agua
20. Dolson Beats – Bloom
21. Roots Unknown – Away
22. ChasBeats – I’m in Some Trouble Tonight

WeGrowWax – We Got it in Nature Vol​.​4

We are back again with the fourth instalment of our We Got it in Nature series.

This edition, in line with the thawing of winter and the relief of spring, is all about reflection. 22 smooth tracks from our diverse and talented team with subtle and dulcet tones full of emotion and feeling. We hope that this provides the perfect soundtrack to relax, reminisce and welcome the arrival of summer. Drift away on a journey through another world filled with smoky Rhodes, soft strings, delicate voices and un-quantised grooves. Connect with your surroundings.

We all got it in Nature.


The Beatfonics Crew x Bobby Hutcherson – Session Vol​.​10 [Compilation] [2015]

The Beatfonics Crew x Bobby Hutcherson – Session Vol​.​10 [Compilation]
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01. KidBeat – Tranquillity
02. Microspore – Innocua
03. kappah – Vibraphone Dub
04. Sup Nasa – Dooinit
05. T_One – Lights
06. Charlie – Mr TrustMaker
07. StayReal! – Bob Got Bars
08. Odeeno – Lttl_ngl
09. Gico – Time To Go
10. Marcosoule – Balance
11. jUzzy gentle – Faster
12. thegodfatherExperience – Floating Night

The Beatfonics Crew x Bobby Hutcherson – Session Vol​.​10

Down to his 3rd year, The Beatfonics Crew is about to drop his 10th instrumental project, a tribute-session that pays homage to the great Bobby Hutcherson. The main key once again is Jazz music, where the Hutcherson’s vibraphone is played among all the styles, the beats that the Crew has been accustomed us to.


Vanderslice & Green Steez – Smuggle Rap [Instrumentals] [2015]

Vanderslice & Green Steez – Smuggle Rap [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro
02. Bolivian Bombshell
03. Cocaine Frogurt
04. David Lee Rothchild (feat. Maffew Ragazino)
05. Ski Mask Lint
06. Verified (Feat. Skrewtape)
07. False Bottoms
08. GG Allin Music
09. No Retreat
10. Cole Edwards

Vanderslice & Green Steez – Smuggle Rap