Shaman B – Primitivism EP [E.P.] [2014]

Shaman B – Primitivism EP [E.P.]
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01. Kyouhei Strings
02. Blackbook
03. And He
04. Bamboo Gardens
05. Heavenly Bodies
06. Seven Times Sealed

Shaman B – Primitivism EP

“With this EP I tried to incorporate many different influences and music styles that inspire me, and create something that is at least a little bit cohesive. As a young producer I am always learning and improving, but this is the first release of mine that I feel I have accomplished a sound that I am happy with. There is a whole new wave of emerging music producers like myself out there trying to be heard, and this EP is just one of the first steps in my musical career. I see a lot of copycatting and hear a lot of music that just sounds like it has been done before, so all I can do is try to be as true to myself as I can be as far as music producing; having said that, there are so many producers right now who have a really unique sound and just keep it real (shout out to my Left of Field peeps). All I can hope for is that I contribute to the internet’s music scene in some way with this release.

Thank you Left of Field for releasing this EP. Also thank you friends and fam for liking my music. And finally a big thank you to all the musicians out there on Soundcloud and beyond that inspire me. Peace out. —Shaman B.”

Beat Tape

TELOZKOPE – Cloud Isles [Beat Tape] [2014]

TELOZKOPE – Cloud Isles [Beat Tape]
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01. SunsetFountain
02. Tranquil Coast
03. ʛ i ɲ s e ȵℊ. mists彡
04. R E L A X U R Y η a t u r a l l y
05. Osoyoos Nap
06. Rest Area

TELOZKOPE – Cloud Isles

Beat Tape

Brock Berrigan – Two AM [Beat Tape] [2014]

Brock Berrigan – Two AM [Beat Tape]
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01. Prologue
02. Tequila Mockingbird
03. Two AM
04. Fresh Canvas
05. Lost in Sound
06. Sunrise
07. Truth
08. Edgar Allen’s Foes
09. The Art of Small Talk
10. Brave the Storm (cuts by DJ Ivan6)
11. On My Mind
12. High Steppin’ (cuts by DJ Ivan6)
13. Alessa
14. People Like Us
15. Summer of 86
16. To Be Continued

Brock Berrigan – Two AM

Beat Tape

Doc Marzy – LANDSCAPES [Beat Tape] [2014]

Doc Marzy – LANDSCAPES [Beat Tape]
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01. Adventurine
02. Botanical Garden
03. The Constant (Prod. By Flower Child & Doc Marzy)
04. Fire Agate
05. Organic Kava
06. Root Chakra
07. Serenity
08. Sleepover (Prod. By Flower Child & Doc Marzy) 03:32
09. Solar Plexus Complexion
10. Barry MARZ – Build (Prod. By Selah)


This beat tape is a collection of my most recent beats, as well as a bonus unreleased track of mine. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Peace, Blessings, and One Love!!!! – Doc Marzy.


MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8 [Compilation] [2014]

MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8 [Compilation]
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01. Arts The Beatdoctor – Rise Up
02. Hamertje Tik – Osgood Slatter
03. Myamo – I.C.U. (Flipped by Skrude )
04. Pixelord – Google Yourself
05. Slugabed – Very Much Reality
06. Victory Garden & John Pon(d)scum – Gigawatt
07. Kixnare – Perfect Midnight
08. GLGN – Inside Planet
09. Haotik – Chockolate Room ( Edit by Himuro Yoshiteru )
10. Burguez ft. Jizor – Soy Como Yo
11. Evil Needle – Yoshi
12. Joe Kickass – Stalker (prod. Max Macgyver)
13. Killing Skills – Slow Motion
14. Aiyetoro – Flyaway
15. Leadsmen – Blessed Pedestrian
16. Mostapace – Inside the Room
17. Lomovolokno – Once
18. Byusa – Away (Edit by Zova)
19. Htrspltn – Like A Knife
20. en2ak – Thing About Purple Moon
21. Miko – Give It Up
22. Emufucka – Dont Stop
23. Minoo – 17 Teen
24. 1000names – 100km Neighbor
25. Julien Mier – Decorate My Mind
26. Daisuke Tanabe – Heron
27. John Pon(d)scum – Brux
28. Zack Christ – Extra Wonk
29. Jimmy Pé – Limbo (feat. Tante Elze)

MAD-HOP – Mad​-​Hop vol​.​8

Kicking off this summer with another international episode of the ‘Mad-Hop’ compilation series, the 8th in line is full of new tunes and supported by 3 gigs in Poland with artist such as Kixnare, Minoo, Zova and En2ak and our spacial guest Slugabed

Expect crazy tunes on ‘Mad-Hop vol.8′ from Pixelord and Emufucka, some chill out from Daisuke Tanabe, Killing Skills, Lomovolokno, Julien Mier, Evil Needle, 1000names and a couple of fresh Mc’s: straight from Holland Joe Kickass and homies from Venezuela Burguez ft. Jizor

In this edition, we joined forces with two other labels: GERGAZ (SVK) with GLGN and JIMMY Pé label; a small community of people with a need to present their music or other related work. The label’s main focus is to release a non-commercial work of unknown artists or projects.
We’re also working with Beat Broke (USA), an Austin, TX-based record label that works with a lot of European artists, supported by Leadesmen Dutch electronic duo who create dark, pulsating soundscapes layered with bubbling synths and pounding percussion (similar team as seen on Mad-Hop vol.5 ( Mad-Love )!)

To spread the love even further, we have a special videos coming soon too! Keep your eyes and ears prised on the developing Mad-Hop scene. We hope you’ll enjoy this compilation and appreciate the work of the MadHoppers !

Beat Tape

Beatz Boutique – Coral Castle [Beat Tape] [2014]

Beatz Boutique – Coral Castle [Beat Tape]
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01. dreamsequence
02. echo the porpois
03. iwantsum medical marj2
04. lucid
05. divination
06. rose quartz
07. crop circle purple
08. visitors
09. sp404 live space jam

Beatz Boutique – Coral Castle


Roi U. & Ted Laskyo – QƯḷƎƬ sʈȯrM [E.P.] [2014]

Roi U. & Ted Laskyo – QƯḷƎƬ sʈȯrM [E.P.]
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01. Kalab
02. jeans
03. quiet storm

Roi U. & Ted Laskyo – QƯḷƎƬ sʈȯrM

Beat Tape

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2014]

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Katalyst Overtüre
02. Magic
03. Dramatic Ladies
04. Outerspaced
05. Fettkrank Overload
06. Ganzfelders
07. Dreamers
08. Holy Smokes
09. Riiising
10. Higher, Go, Go, Go!
11. Patterns In Her
12. Stereo Correspondence
13. We Hear Voices
14. How She Moves
15. Lunatics
16. Too Much Vodka
17. Autumnism
18. Controls
19. Schönhauser Skit
20. Pyramids
21. Never The Same
22. Purple Girls
23. Sommer Erkältung
24. Fengshui Pause
25. Tomorrow’s Names
26. Slo-Fi Funk Mothership
27. Borsch Superstar
28. Lovers
29. Leave (Bonus Beat)
30. Chant (Bonus Beat)
31. Tropical Silence (Bonus Beat)

Wermonster – Katalyst Sessions Vol​.​1

Katalyst Sessions Volume One is an instrumental beat diary containing 28 short tracks, all produced by Wermonster in his Berlin laboratory between 2010 and 2013 using electronic brain control, mind transmission, genetic manipulations and other futuristic techniques.

Releasing on super limited edition Tape Cassette, CD as well as digital.

Beat Tape

Youtaro – Turn Of RawTip [Beat Tape] [2014]

Youtaro – Turn Of RawTip [Beat Tape]
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01. Coffee
02. Earwax
03. Windy
04. Hittin Switches
05. Kaleidoscope
06. Green Pad
07. Shine
08. She Sha
09. Lala
10. Roll
11. Luck
13. One
14. Bwncees
15. Junk Ya
16. Come On
17. Snowday
18. Vibin
19. Phillies
20. Blue
21. Holiday

Youtaro – Turn Of RawTip

Also Available On: Turn Of RawTip [Cassette Tape]

Youtaro ist ein junger Beatmaker aus Nara, Japan. Nach seinem Mix für Radio Juicy (Vol.86) waren wir so begeistert von ihm, dass wir ein Tape mit ihm zusammen veröffentlichen wollten. Das Endergebnis ist beeindruckend – den Hörer erwarten 21 hypnotisierende Lo-Fi Beats frisch aus der MPC! Also lehnt euch zurück und rollt euch einen während ihr den “Turn Of RawTip” genießt.

Youtaro is a young beatmaker from Nara, Japan. After his brilliant mix for Radio Juicy Vol.86 we really wanted to host a beat tape for him. And the surprise was quite delightful when he came up with 21 hypnotic lo-fi beats freshly out of his MPC! So lay back and roll one up while listening to the “Turn Of RawTip”.

Beat Tape

A-shura – space Magazine [Beat Tape] [2014]

A-shura – space Magazine [Beat Tape]
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01. Fake-Doll
02. in The dark
03. The Depth
04. different dimension
05. Hazard
06. DROP
07. waiting time

A-shura – space Magazine

Beat Tape

Chuck the Archduke – F R E S H T A P E. [Beat Tape] [2014]

Chuck the Archduke – F R E S H T A P E. [Beat Tape]
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01. Chess Aint No Fun
02. The Episode After Next
03. Mellow Masks
04. Love Fresh
05. Virtuoso
06. Can I Help You
07. Still Primo ( Classic Reprise )
08. Same beat.

Chuck the Archduke – F R E S H T A P E.

This is a small collection of beats that play off of scenes from the 1994 movie “Fresh”. “Known as Fresh, the young man must use his delivery jobs to support himself and his troubled sister, receiving nothing from his distant, alcoholic father but the occasional chess lesson. His intelligence and quiet determination serve him well, as he wins the trust of his employer and settles into an unpleasant but survivable routine. Even this small comfort disappears, however, when Fresh accidentally witnesses the killing of a classmate and becomes a potential target himself. Forced into an impossible situation, he puts his experience and strategic ability to good use, developing a tricky plan to protect his own life and defeat the killers.” -Judd Blaise, Rovi

Beat Tape

Khaosist – Hidden Notes [Beat Tape] [2014]

Khaosist – Hidden Notes [Beat Tape]
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01. n9b
02. texture
03. 8-3-8
04. interval
05. boku
06. sky
07. joybox
08. cloudless
09. bounce
10. &roid
11. kpk
12. omf
13. tatoo
14. circle
15. drop
16. bangagong
17. innerkhaos
18. sunrise

Khaosist – Hidden Notes

Japanese beat creator, Khaosist (known as ‘KK’) has finally started “Lifetime Music Project (LTMP)” series.

LTMP’s only goal is to satisfy his ‘Ferocious Longing’, and it will be continued for the rest of his life.
It truly is a project that doesn’t take goal or participant into consideration.

This is Vol.1 of the project, included variety of beats and loops.
and thanks to the years with Machintosh.

“difference is a matter of great importance for me.” (KK)

Beat Tape

Moderator – As The Lights Fade [Beat Tape] [2014]

Moderator – As The Lights Fade [Beat Tape]
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01. It’s A Jazzy Thing
02. Night Bird
03. Serenade
04. Sealed With A Kiss
05. Soothing Night
06. Angels In The Sky
07. It’s Something In Me
08. Misunderstood
09. One For Jun
10. Sunken Ship
11. Shadows
12. Keep Your Eyes Closed
13. Spark In The Eyes
14. Mod’s Jazz
15. Polestar
16. Just Don’t Know
17. Welcome
18. Remember The Rain
19. Free As The Wind
20. Feeling Blue
21. Another Lonely Night
22. Chase The Sun
23. For My Own
24. Calm Soul
25. Ambition
26. Straight From The Heart

Moderator – As The Lights Fade

Beat Tape

Scab Beatz – Straight From Tokyo [Beat Tape] [2014]

Scab Beatz – Straight From Tokyo [Beat Tape]
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01. Liberty
02. White Out
03. Love N Hate
04. Daydream
05. Ghetto Youth
06. New Day
07. The Park
08. Up In The Sky
09. Soul Street
10. Sunday Night
11. Island Nights
12. Raw Life

Scab Beatz – Straight From Tokyo

Beat Tape

Top Brand – The Tree Top Set [Beat Tape] [2014]

Top Brand – The Tree Top Set [Beat Tape]
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01. Finesse Points
02. Chill Swanson
03. X
04. Orbit 14
05. Keep The Wave Alive
06. Press
07. Suns X Roses
08. Scorcher

Top Brand – The Tree Top Set