The Elohim – Sharp Metal Objects [Beat Tape] [2021]

The Elohim – Sharp Metal Objects [Beat Tape]
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01. Sharpening Stone
02. Scars
03. Butterfly Knives
04. Black Fatigues
05. Trapped
06. Buck 50
07. Sunrise

The Elohim – Sharp Metal Objects


Last BeNeVoLeNcE – The Maiden’s Requital [Beat Tape] [2021]

Last BeNeVoLeNcE – The Maiden’s Requital [Beat Tape]
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01. From Her Perspective
02. Filling In The blanks
03. Tryst Interstellar
04. Depths Cognitive
05. Not Personal
06. Unconscious Hopeful
07. To Grace The Sky
08. Through Nostalgic Lanes
09. Adept Practice
10. Moments Inbetween
11. The Moons Until We Embraced
12. Reprogram Language
13. Thoughtful Approach
14. Epilogue Ave.

Last BeNeVoLeNcE – The Maiden’s Requital

Beat Tape Instrumentals

Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour [Beat Tape] [2021]

Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour [Beat Tape]
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01. Thanks for dropping by
02. 500 something dollars
03. Pauly Shore?
04. Bring Back YJY
05. Smoke you in Golden Eye
06. Bound 3
07. Did you know that?
08. Summer School
09. Bummer Every Summer
10. Willy Nilly
11. Reptillian
12. Paradise
13. Nobody Loves Me
15. One for Sunny Lane
16. Sad Clown
17. When I didn’t have a mic
18. SoundCloud Academy
19. Zappa’s Face Melter
20. Totally Shredding
21. THPS4
22. Spring Fling
23. Nothing But Star Wars
24. Think about what you’re doing
25. Vending Machine Mirage
26. Sorry
27. Zircon Encrusted Tweezers
28. Don’t Be Afraid
29. The Guest
30. Happy Birthday
32. Can I get a T-Shirt?
33. My name is Marshall Mathers, I’m an alcoholic
34. Still Totally Shredding
35. What’s your total malfunction?
36. You got an ass like a BBW
37. Keith’s Manifesto
38. But they look like sneakers
39. Welcome 2 Costco, I Love You

Doc Heller – The Tragical History Tour

I’ve made so many albums throughout the years. So many so that I’ve deleted tons of my early released material. I’ve lost albums due to labels folding and hard drives dying. But the past is in the past for a reason, I always look towards the future. Though every now and then I do get nostalgic. This time I dug in the archives, old and new (2012 – 2020) and came out with this, “The Tragical History Tour”. Sometimes the commercials are louder than the show, if so, adjust your volume dork. Enjoy the ride!


Rain 910 – The Cook Up [Instrumentals] [2021]

Rain 910 – The Cook Up [Instrumentals]
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01. Our First Dance
02. Block Party
03. Money Counter
04. Kiss Of Love
05. Carrera
06. Feds Coming
07. Bloomsbury Bistro
08. I Wanna Know
09. Our Old Home
10. So Sorry
11. Tell The Story
12. Night Creeper
13. You Want To Go
14. The Get Down
15. Tough Decision
16. Goodnight Yall

Rain 910 – The Cook Up


Beat Tape Instrumentals

Duke Westlake – Switchlake [Beat Tape] [2021]

Duke Westlake – Switchlake [Beat Tape]
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01. Kingen
02. Switchen
03. Broilen
04. Franzen
05. Swellen
06. Schleisen
07. Greuten
08. Veriben
09. Freuden
10. Shiften
11. Loifen
12. Lasten

Duke Westlake – Switchlake


Quadry & Jansport J – DON’T YOU WEEP [Instrumentals] [2021]

Quadry & Jansport J – DON’T YOU WEEP [Instrumentals]
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01. We Don’t GAF (Instrumental)
02. Better Days (Instrumental)
03. Open Scene (Instrumental)
04. Creflowz Dollaz Interlude (Instrumental)
05. We Smokin (Instrumental)
06. Home Now (Instrumental)
07. Aw Mane (Instrumental)

Quadry & Jansport J – DON’T YOU WEEP


Lost Perception – Revival [Instrumentals] [2021]

Lost Perception – Revival [Instrumentals]
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01. Blessed to Breathe Part 2: The Resurrection
02. The Gospel of Judas
03. God’s Poor Ones
04. Pontius Pilate
05. The Shroud of Turin
06. AutoTuned Savior
07. Excuse Me Lucy
08. Water to Wine
09. God’s Love
10. ReBorn
11. Miracles
12. Memoirs of a Magdalen
13. The Spear of Destiny
14. Proverbs
15. Rest of Your Life

Lost Perception – Revival


Samurai Banana – Human Error Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2021]

Samurai Banana – Human Error Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. You Already Know (Intro) (Instrumental)
02. Bandaids (Instrumental)
03. Mad Hard (Instrumental)
04. Bad Breath (Instrumental)
05. Wet Blankets (Instrumental)
06. Proud Em (Instrumental)
07. Electronic Thing (Instrumental)
08. Candy Cigarettes (Instrumental)
09. Fishscales (Instrumental)
10. Banana and Dunce (Instrumental)
11. Sniffff! (Instrumental)
12. I Love You, Don’t Die (Instrumental)
13. Sea Shanty (Instrumental)
14. Duncin’ (Instrumental)

Samurai Banana – Human Error Instrumentals


KUTMAH – Other Places [Instrumentals] [2021]

KUTMAH – Other Places [Instrumentals]
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01. Other Places Intro
02. Sparking Sessions From The Spirit
03. Plant Seeds
04. Redlandz
05. The Finer Things
06. The Moon Is Out Tonight
07. Spiced Mango
08. Under The Bridge
09. Creature Fonk
10. Desert Dilla
11. Insekt
12. Nürnberg Fonk
13. Gaea
14. If You Go Away …
15. I Don’t See The Prize
16. Amman
17. Gradski
18. Moonlit Village / Rajasthan
19. Bloom

KUTMAH – Other Places


Jade River – Earth Vibrations, Pt.3 [Instrumentals] [2021]

Jade River – Earth Vibrations, Pt.3 [Instrumentals]
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01. Intro
02. Ash
03. Wax
04. Dust
05. Totem
06. X-Ray
07. Zig Zag
08. Flux
09. Wax (Love Don’t Leave)
10. Totem (Still Going)
11. Sway
12. Outro

Jade River – Earth Vibrations, Pt.3


Beat Tape Instrumentals

Batsauce – Wolf’s Clothing [Instrumentals] [2021]

Batsauce – Wolf’s Clothing [Instrumentals]
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01. Moanin’
02. Cry Wolf
03. Third Stream
04. Incandescent Bloom
05. Ghostly Clothes
06. Cabaret Scarred
07. Hydrogen Jukebox
08. Cutting Teeth
09. Tone Poem
10. Care Of Van
11. Street Academy
12. Dog Star
13. Wolf Pack
14. Scattered Darkness
15. Journey Agent
16. Solar Burnout
17. Overdog
18. Trial By Fire
19. Wool Sunglasses
20. Smokey Innuendo

Batsauce – Wolf’s Clothing

Also Available On: Limited Edition Tangerine Vinyl & Limited Edition Cassette


Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals) [Instrumentals] [2021]

Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals) [Instrumentals]
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01. Reminder Jawn (Sample Challenge)
02. LofiTwitterDrama (Portals)
03. LTD Evolved (Portals)
04. LTD Devolved (Portals)
05. I’ve returned from the future to tell you to turn it down a little. [PATCHUPDATE_03_15_21]

Dutchyyy – Lofi Twitter Drama (Portals)

In October of 2020, Dibia$e kicked off the sample challenge that sparked a fire under the community, while it wasn’t the first challenge of all time, It was a milestone event for anyone paying attention as it inspired so many people in the community to start hosting and participating challenges. Which is a beautiful thing. This challenge was dedicated to goddess Patrice Rushen on her birthday. The sample chosen by Dibia$e was “Remind me”

I have this record on wax, but immediately wanted to support again and purchase a high quality digital version so I quickly went to and got to work.

This all went down during one of the most annoying, pointless and kinda funny Twitter “Lofi is different from hiphop” Drama debates. Tensions were high, and as usual, people came out the wood work left and right to argue with Dibia$e and any other “old head” to “remind us” that they created this new genre called “lofi” and while it may sound identical to the music you’ve been hearing since the early 90’s, It’s not the same at all. Dibia$e said, enough Drama, lets let those sample chop hands to work and stop talking.

Now i’ve flipped this sample a few times before, but I wanted to take it a more aggressive direction and also wanted to be the first to upload my flip, So I hella rushed out a quick version, Badly mixed, sloppy loud and too stiff for my liking drums. but I was just focused on taking the sample flip in a direction i knew no one else would.

Fast Forward to the present, and while putting together this 8gb usb for my subs, When i came across this track, I really wanted to actually put time in and clean it up and fix those drums. Unfortunately, I tend to re-sample my resampled flip, which is what I did for the original version, so those super loud drums were infused into the audio and there was no way I could re-mix it down.

Frustrated, I ended up just trying to re-flip it, and as usual, it just got weirder and weirder hahah. But that’s usually how these Portals go. crazy live experimentation.

anyway, Peace to Dibia$e, peace to Patrice Rushen and Peace to all my bandcamp subscribers.


LBL – 20siebzehn [Instrumentals] [2021]

LBL – 20siebzehn [Instrumentals]
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01. Beginning
02. Worth It feat. Flitz&Suppe
03. City Of Rhodes feat. Dasd
04. Universe Uno
05. Flacherdler feat. Plusma
06. 20siebzehn
07. Native Loser feat. SterilOne

LBL – 20siebzehn

Also Available On: 10″ Vinyl black


Trog’low – Midnight Calisthenics [Instrumentals] [2021]

Trog’low – Midnight Calisthenics [Instrumentals]
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01. Soul Vibes Summit
02. Ballin’ ’72
03. Water Bunny
04. Sonny Stomp 2
05. Hepcats In Heat
06. Summer Squall
07. Ossanha Flip
08. Quiet Up
09. Bass Du Jour
10. Ain’t Nothin’
11. Front’n Rugged
12. Dukish Bounce
13. Byrd Song
14. Always Be

Trog’low – Midnight Calisthenics

Also Available On: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl & Limited Edition Cassette

Beat Tape Instrumentals

sovren – Renstrumentals, Vol. 1 [Instrumentals] [2021]

sovren – Renstrumentals, Vol. 1 [Instrumentals]
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01. Legends Never Die Intro
02. Little Goody Two Shoes
03. Vibrato
04. Glorified
05. What We Started
06. Dead Weight
07. Side of Caution
08. Constituents
09. Overkill
10. Interlude #1
11. Blessed Day
12. Banishment
13. 7 Cypher
14. Idle Hands
15. Riverside
16. Limitless
17. Dream Girl
18. Fear
19. East Terminal
20. Interlude #2
21. Staten
22. My Brain, The Melting Pot
23. Shaw Park
24. How Can I Feel Lighter?
25. At One Outro

sovren – Renstrumentals, Vol. 1