GERGAZ – Beat Garden Compilation 4 [Compilation] [2015]

GERGAZ – Beat Garden Compilation 4 [Compilation]
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01. IIIII – She’s Gone
02. HAARPS – We Crush
03. FVLCRVM – Unsung Heroes
04. Emika – Hit me (Jimmy Pé Remix)
05. Lightning – Owla Two
06. Brooklyn 83 – Storm In A Teacup
07. Able8 – Brainmelt
08. DJ derbystarr X Je$u$ – A Kiss From Napoli
09. oddlogic – Machiavellian Penrose Escalator
10. My Kingdom – The Sirens
11. Robot Orchestra – Cosmic Dirt
12. GLGN – When Day Was Night
13. Karma Art – Veil (ft. David Österle)
14. Fallgrapp – Orion (feat. Laolu and Luky Kakao)
15. Floex – Isemifopix
17. Shatter Hands – Driftwood

GERGAZ – Beat Garden Compilation 4

Here we are again, celebrating GERGAZ’s 6th year with annual compilation from the BEAT GARDEN series. We kept things the way you like them and put together 17-track collection offering an array of efforts from across the beat and bass scene. As usually we have selected tracks we feel deserve your attention, tracks by artists we like, our residents and by those that we have discovered along the way.

Massive thank you to everyone involved, our long time supporters and of course to you, GERGAZ fans!