Drasar Monumental – Hardcore Overdose Sessions Review

If your into rhymes and beats – then Hardcore Overdose Sessions is the album for you. Right out the gate Drasar Monumental brings it with a nice head nodding 90’s sounding track on “Bell Ringing”. Then things get real on the track ” Fine Art Of Survival Pt. 2 “. On track 3 “The Murder Game” Drasar Monumental tells a story over a up and down beat that keeps you in intrigued in the story. “Snake Mode” Drasar Monumental is speaking on the farce in people, over a another chill hip-hop beat. “Unpredictable” a nice hardcore hip hop banger. “Perpetrator Overkill” a nice hip-hop track – where Drasar Monumental is speaking on the wack mc’s and wack people in the industry. Along with the 6 tracks on the album you get the instrumentals. Also sprinkled threw out the album are interludes. Over all in 2019 Hardcore Overdose Sessions is a classic hip-hop album. Has everything you want from the emcee stand point to the beats and then theirs that having you want more…That’s where the exclusive: Drasar Monumental – Nuclear Waste Beats CD

Get ready for some real hip-hop shit! Hard drums, cut up vocals and scratching.
Nuclear Waste Beats CD shows how talented and hard working Drasar Monumental has been. I don’t want to reveal to much on this CD cause you need to go show your support for Drasar Monumental!!
If you never heard of him you have been sleeping and it’s time to get up.
He’s worked with MF Grimm & Ayatollah.

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Words by John Memorex.