wowflower – Self​-​Portrait [Beat Tape] [2019]

wowflower – Self​-​Portrait [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Download) 01. You Love Him02. Untuch03. ProceedOnFoot04. FoundFree05. My Love Song06. Cool Group07. Mirror Mask08. Savej09. A Softer Look10. Someone Else11. Crying12. Helper13. Unluki14. Forkface15. Jam16. Wally17. Cake18. Bring Me Home (Preview)wowflower – Self​-​Portrait Self-Portrait by wowflower

Son Raw – Take a Kayak [Beat Tape] [2018]

Son Raw – Take a Kayak [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. Late Refrigeration02. St. Lo03. Sean John Long Johns04. The Artilect War05. HennEmotions06. Skrrt Kobain Anthem07. Piztachio Jezus!!08. #Villanueva09. Brown Derby10. Oratory Views11. Twerk Night at The Belmont12. 94′ Alou13. Bleu Nuit14. Pxrxlxtxr Hotline, How May I Help You?15. …

Knxwledge. / Samiyam – ボビーとボビーのボリューム1 [Beat Tape] [2018]

Knxwledge. / Samiyam – ボビーとボビーのボリューム1 [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. shookones_02. iheard.03. fukktht04. ifulookin_05. kutuoff.06. neverendterlude_07. highdro.08. stop.09. stillkounting_10. gethi_11. circuitloop.12. thatsenough.13. bumfight_ (Preview)Knxwledge. / Samiyam – ボビーとボビーのボリューム1 ボビーとボビーのボリューム1 by Knxwledge.

sleepyeyes – Forgot About Her [Beat Tape] [2018]

sleepyeyes – Forgot About Her [Beat Tape](Click Cover To Purchase) 01. so cold in koreatown02. petty theft03. forgot about her04. cold shoulder05. bent mode06. drunk on petroleum07. graffiti blues08. shoulda stayed home09. skate drink cry10. just over u11. throw it away12. bus token13. saw u last nite14. from da wasteland15. …