grillo – Every Day vol​.​8 [Beat Tape] [2015]

grillo – Every Day vol​.​8 [Beat Tape]
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01. Aaltoids High
02. Dream Of Gliding
03. Drunk On Vinegar
04. Ese Lucius
05. Propylene Swords
06. Lullaby (4 my cat)
07. Kitasenju
08. Propoli Island
09. When It Calls
10. Contrived Shit
11. Charada
12. Night Of The Weirdos
13. Rubble In The Yard
14. Justify My Thug Remix
15. Quiero Su Cabeza
16. In Avignon
17. Aint NO
18. Time Is Just A Trick

grillo – Every Day vol​.​8

I personally think there’s some of my best stuff ever in this, just sprinkled around. I should probably just quit doing this beat a day thing and focus more on stuff, spend time, make it even better. But then again that ‘better’ is elusive, and in the past I often spent weeks working on something without knowing if in the end i really made a real difference.

Oh and also I think you lose the urgency of the whole process. Beats, electronic, computer based music can be perfect, the real challenge, at least to me, is making it sound less deliberate and more organic, more alive.