Darko The Super – The Weird & The Wonderful [Compilation] [2015]

Darko The Super – The Weird & The Wonderful [Compilation]
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01. Big Daddy Cool’s Intro (Feat. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
02. The First Slit Is The Deepest
03. College Is For Pussies Freestyle Pt.0 (Boogers & Hookers)
04. Dirk Steel
05. Fred Farkle
06. Good Burger
07. Song for Dr. Dre to Sell
08. Blender
09. Dumb (Feat. Pyramid Vritra)
10. The Ride
11. Sally Got A Man
12. Blood Will Flow
13. Keep Dreamin’ (Feat. Murdoc)
14. Buzzy Linhart Is My Friend 2014
15. Water & Metal (Feat. Dudley Perkins)
16. Funk Is Life (Feat. Open Mike Eagle)
17. Puff Daddy
18. Fuck OkCupid (Feat. Coin Locker Kid)
19. Feel Like a Piece of Shit (Feat. Homeboy Sandman)
20. How 2 Be A Cereal Spiller
21. Stab You When Ya Dead (Feat. Lil B The BasedGod)
22. Melt Me Down To Size (Prod. by Seedge)
23. Sweat Hotel (Prod. by JHAS)
24. Bullet Wounds (Prod. by Eyes And Teeth)
25. Tumor (Prod. by The Alchemist)

Darko The Super – The Weird & The Wonderful

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