The Nothing – Junk Space [Beat Tape] [2015]

The Nothing – Junk Space [Beat Tape]
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01. Esbjorn Song
02. Tokyo Intermood
03. From the Ice
04. Muslimgauze Tribute (Looking back Intermood)
05. Cash on the Barrelhead ft. Goldenhorn and Heath Walton
06. After Thoughts
07. Some of these Poems are Serious ft. Charles Bukowski
08. Bored Will Walk
09. Fellini Watches Vertigo ft. Goldenhorn
10. Oakland Intermood
11. Coffee
12. Love Sick Song
13. My Choice ft Lord Cromwell
14. Willful Intermood
15. Otaku Minded
16. Going Legal ft. J-Focus
17. Grasshopper Airplane
18. Live Well Sam Bell
19. Schenectady Song
20. Home
21. Byrne’s Lost Beat

The Nothing – Junk Space

The term “Junk Space” has been referred to as “…the residue mankind leaves on the planet”. These songs are all created on a computer, have no physical form, and therefore are leaving their invisible residue on my memory and soul. 13 years in the making, “Junk Space” is a collection of those tracks that have stuck on my mind, yet always slipped through my fingers when it was time to assemble an album. I hope you enjoy, Love