Jason Mass – Hid Amongst Presence [Beat Tape] [2014]

Jason Mass – Hid Amongst Presence [Beat Tape]
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01. Let’s Begin Without
02. Light Creates Voids
03. Calls Saw The Darkness
04. Good Upon The Day
05. In The Midst Of A Deep Morning
06. Night Divides The Face
07. Above The Second Spirit
08. Gathering Dry Movements
09. The Fourth Sea Together
10. Herb Appears As Grass
11. The Third Yields Trees
12. Fruit Seed Signs
13. Seasons After Themselves
14. Give Them Less
15. Over Abundant Stars
16. Cattle Beast Man
17. Multiply Open Livings
18. The Host Ended Rest
19. Fifth Filled Wings
20. Own The Image Creep
21. Replenish The Male Likeness
22. Subdue The Female Dominion
23. Behold Over Fish
24. Wherein The Sixth Finally Meets
25. Sanctify The Finished Seventh

Jason Mass – Hid Amongst Presence

Jason Mass “Hid Amongst Presence” (2014) (1/1000 Music) by Jason Mass on Mixcloud