fezmaster – RED [Beat Tape] [2020]

fezmaster – RED [Beat Tape]
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01. Escape the Nile
02. Blues for Bunu
03. Soothe Me, Jester
04. What kind of establishment
05. Singing Bla Bla
06. Minding my own Business
07. Does not the fire need water
08. Book Him
09. It’s not reverb he’s just repeating himself
10. That Cheese Burger Feeling
11. Knee Deep In Cobwebs
12. Ho Hum
13. Funeral for my duck
14. Aunty’s House
15. Load bearing walls
16. He came back like nothing
17. On yer bike
18. Bring your towel at one
19. Basic Manners
20. that strawberry mousse from the fridge

fezmaster – RED

Lo-fi instrumental hip-hop featuring zany samples, grimy beats and portablism scratching