8greg2 – Record + Play Start [Beat Tape] [2020]

8greg2 – Record + Play Start [Beat Tape] [2020]
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01. We’ve Only Just Begun
02. Laugh Best, Laugh Last
03. Stop It
04. Dine and Dash ( Full Version )
05. Where Did the Time Go
06. You Don’t Really Care
07. White Chocolate Chip Pancakes
08. Gear For Sale
09. Maze After Maze
10. Midweek Cheat Meal Dream
11. Clip Gazing

8greg2 – Record + Play Start

I initially told Chef Mike that I didn’t wanna make a tape, I just wanted to stick to my formula of making a couple beat vids per week for fun and spend my extra time playing Xbox. My biggest thing was that I hated mixing and mastering and wanted nothing to do with it… After gaining a decent following and finding out that people actually wanted to hear full tracks from me, I kept thinking about putting a project together. After debating it I finally hit Chef up again, asked him for some guidance and now here I am… I still kinda just want to play Xbox and I still hate mixing and mastering but I put together something with a few different sounds using few pieces of gear but mostly the MPC Live and the SP303. I hope the final product is decent for you guys and girls and Chef has me already thinking about putting out future projects… So I hope you enjoy and would like to hear more after this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯