Cee Gee Incorporated – Classical Gifted [Album] [2020]

Cee Gee Incorporated – Classical Gifted [Album]
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01. Character Select (Intro)
02. Butapub (Story By Golden & Volatile)
03. Classical Gifted (Remix) (Story BnA & Crotona P)
04. Picasso Portraits (Story By Magno Garcia)
05. Another Definition (Story By Ooze Gang)
06. The Needle Still Drops (Instrumental)
07. Floss Ave (Story By Rick Hyde & Semi-Auto)
08. Black Lodge (Story By Frigid Giant)
09. Off the Glass (Story By ToneyBoi & Jamal Gasol)
10. MPCFlash (Story By The League)
11. May 20 (Instrumental)
12. I’m Good (Story By Genecist)
13. Underrated (Story By Sleep Sinatra)
14. SuperFlea (Story By Shaun & B)
15. Buffalo to Manhattan (Story By Cav Johnson)
16. Record Theatre (Story By Shuteyes)
17. Lex Green (Story By Alex Annony)
18. F.L.A.T.S. (Story By Chaotik Kojima)
19. Neon Icon (Instrumental)
20. Longevity (Rock On Pt. 3) (Story By Mad Dukez)
21. The Grand Finale (Story By Rap And Destroy)

Cee Gee Incorporated – Classical Gifted

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It’s been nearly three years after Green released his proper solo full-length album The Research.

Since then, he was fresh off behind the boards of collaboration effort Green Giant with Frigid Giant which it was released in 2018, dropping two instrumental albums and also involving some production placements for several artists including Shaun & B, BnA and Westside Gunn.

Cee-Gee is back with another solo full-length masterpiece and an highly anticipated long-delayed second production album, Classical Gifted!!!