SicknessMP – & The Genius Men [Compilation] [2020]

SicknessMP – & The Genius Men [Compilation]
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01. Panorama (ft. Wilczynksi)
02. Miracle (ft. Karmawin)
03. Massive Flava (ft. Krooks)
04. Soul Jazz (ft. Mr. Käfer)
05. One By One (ft. DJ Obsolete)
06. Vienna At Night (ft. SterilOne)
07. Be Down Here (ft. Stainlexz)
08. Ode To Skyfall (ft. RAW Mentalitee)
09. Article From Turkey (ft. Hydrogenii)
10. Devasick (ft. Devaloop)
11. Remains From Athen (ft. JoDu)
12. Skills (ft. Soulmade)

SicknessMP – & The Genius Men

Also Available On: PPT-LP-28 – Limited Edition LP (Black Vinyl)
or PPT-LP-28 – Limited Edition LP (Marbled Vinyl)

SicknessMP teamed up with his 12 favorite producers.
The result of meeting these 12 boom bap heavyweights
is an album filled with 90s flavor.
The nuremberg-based graffiti artist cloudlines.og is
responsible for the outstanding character design.
In collaboration with Hydrogenii they both created a
distinctive cover, which underlines this great project.

Enjoy this piece of art – enjoy SicknessMP & The Genius Men