Various – Afro Picks [Compilation] [2020]

Various – Afro Picks [Compilation]
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01.Dj Afar – Afro Flows Intro 00:47
02.Triple Og’s Feat (Chicos Sun, Syl, Lord Superb (R.I.P.)) – Vernacular / Triple
03.Infinito 2017 – A.F.C. (ALL FAT CAPS)
04.Writers Guild (Loer & L.I.F.E. Long) – I AM
05.FredOnes – The Natural Truth
06.Percee P & Chuck Chilla – Makin Music
07.Merc da BigBody Benz – Second Coming
08.Sophisticated Savage (White Owl, RhinocerosFunk, Yazillah(Yazeed)) – Brothers
09.FredOnes – Hawk Fro
10.Indigo Phoenyx Ft. Innocent?, Tek (Smith & Wessun) – Still Love Her 11.Writers Guild (Loer & L.I.F.E. Long) – Table of Periodics
12.Akil of Jurassic 5 X Snubnose Frakenstein – Blowing of Steam

Various – Afro Picks

Also Available On: Afro Picks Vol.1 (Limited Vinyl)