dela – Jordan Fantôme [Beat Tape] [2020]

dela – Jordan Fantôme [Beat Tape]
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01. Pas De Hook
02. Co-Produit Par Reigie
03. Le Refrain De Bilal
04. Freezy F
05. Cashus King
06. Meemee
07. Quest-Amour & Le Dragon
08. Septembre / Octobre
09. Saint-Lazarus
10. Le Soleil Se Lève Aussi
11. 5 AM
12. Missisquoi

dela – Jordan Fantôme

In 2010 I started working on an album with a super talented rapper from Long Island. Over the following years we met a couple times and collaborated over the innanets but somehow got stuck in the final stages of the creative process. For a while I thought that we would be able to get back and finish this but *shrug*, it’s 2020 and I guess this is not happening. So I’m releasing (most of) the instrumentals.

The bulk of the beats were made around the same time and place as Translation Lost : 2009-2010 in Montreal, with a MPC-1000, sampling records I found there.