IRD Sonic Research – Next Seq [Beat Tape] [2019]

IRD Sonic Research – Next Seq [Beat Tape]
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01. Snoozed
02. Timber
03. Sooth Your Soul
04. Yea Yea Yea
05. Slaughter
06. Got Soul?
07. ASDF
08. One as the Sun is One
09. Life Span
10. Byrd Watching
11. A Child is Born
12. Raw
13. Stylized
14. You Know
15. Last Night
16. Ox Acapel
17. Cliff Jumping
18. Days of Underoos
19. Wired Militia
20. Dark Shine
21. Fleas on the Dog
22. Ready to Learn
23. Sesame Seeds
24. The Forests of Nibiru
25. Menotti
26. I Enjoy Being Alive
27. Everything Around You
28. The Factory
29. Bleep Sax
30. Sitar Down
31. Slodom
32. Teach Me How To Interface
33. Image In
34. Aslan Rock
35. Jive
36. 500 Dirty
37. That’s True
38. Dori Outro

IRD Sonic Research – Next Seq

The following is a story of little import to anyone but myself and is probably not relatable to anyone who does not have a penchant for forming emotional bonds to inanimate pieces of musical equipment. It is the tale of this album, which itself is inconsequential, but if you are curious about these sounds and the story behind them, read on.

In 2005 I acquired a secondhand MPC, and while computer-based digital audio workstations (DAWs) had already well surpassed the abilities of these machines, I was curious about the legendary sampler that had figured prominently in the development of hip hop and electronic music. I wanted to experience producing on one first hand and welcomed the limitations as a creative challenge. Ultimately, due to the myriad benefits of computer sequencing, the MPC never became central to my workflow, but when I was tired of looking at a screen I would switch it on for a night and make music in my dimly lit bedroom studio like I used to with a Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine, a Casio keyboard and a Fostex 8-track recorder in times before I knew what a DAW was. I loved those nights.