C.Scott – Phase Shifting [Beat Tape] [2019]

C.Scott – Phase Shifting [Beat Tape]
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01. Venus (ft. Hubbs)
02. Partially Parched
03. No Cap
04. Mixed Threads (ft. Nice Rec)
05. Promise
06. Sky Fall
07. It’s Cold (ft. Moemaw Naedon)
08. Cigarettes
09. MC Skat Kat
10. Already
11. Which Witch

C.Scott – Phase Shifting

Also Available On: Phase Shifting Cassette

Phase Shifting is the debut album of Pittsburgh-based producer and musician Charlie Scott. Composed using a combination of his usual vinyl sample-based MPC manipulation and forays into classic analog synthesis, the album expands on Scott’s equal interests in hip-hop, deep house, and funk music. Phase Shifting explores both the terrestrial and ethereal, offering a collection of vocal and instrumental tracks that represents the producer’s most eclectic yet cohesive effort to date.