Stan Forebee – Orange [Beat Tape] [2019]

Stan Forebee – Orange [Beat Tape]
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01. Windows
02. Cargo Rhodes
03. The Peewee
04. Pine Rocks
05. Outlier
06. Look Back II
07. Deliverance
08. Moonee Valley
09. Night Owl
10. Ruby Hill
11. Portrait

Stan Forebee – Orange

Stan Forebee is all about that jazz. Having established himself as a talented musician & beatmaker, Stan returns with his full length LP “Orange”: a versatile mix of jazzy & dreamy elements that define his music, but also a more uptempo, groovy and deeper sound that you most likely haven’t heard before. Still pushing that same signature sound, but accompanied by more electronic elements with hints of folk & funk.

“Orange” was born on a loft, above a winery cafe in Orange, Australia.