Infinito2017 – Me Self Black Escapism [Album] [2019]

Infinito2017 – Me Self Black Escapism [Album]
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01. Me Me My Own Myself (Intro) (Prod by In Other Wordz)
02. See We You See Me (Prod by Dion Brown)
03. Not Rejecting Self Another’s Done (Prod by Dion Brown)
04. We Living Stay Focused (Prod by Dion Brown)
05. Selection From Second Quarter Closer (Prod by In Other Wordz)
06. Judgement Casket Boxes (Prod by Dion Brown)
07. Health of Love Self (Interlude) (Prod by Dion Brown)
08. Transportable Black Escapism (Prod by Dion Brown)
09. Multiplicity Impart Collective (Prod by In Other Wordz)
10. Ending Lustful Digital (Prod by In Other Wordz)
11. Unsane Respectation (Prod by Dion Brown)
12. Don’t Fail You Self (Outro) (Prod by In Other Wordz)

Infinito2017 – Me Self Black Escapism

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As time passes my thoughts become more personal and only exist in full embrace of myself. I write as an adult who has experiences that are uncompromising. As a Man I never accept the poison in which the planets negative citizens have forced upon me. I live to write from my zone and area set a part by unconscious surroundings. These stories are written from the clarity of a lone mind that denounces colonialism. With production by Dion Brown and In Other Wordz in a very jazzy melodic smooth sound that helps to carry the poetic rhymes that I have written for this project. Listen as my voices journey narrates my expressions as I formulate thoughts using freedom of my mind.