TrueHoustonEmcee – BREAK [Beat Tape] [2019]

TrueHoustonEmcee – BREAK [Beat Tape]
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01. dusk
02. frolic
03. fumes
04. vacation
05. mirth
06. breaktime
07. temples
08. sunsets
09. immutable
10. happy hour
11. ingrid
12. coastal
13. dawn

TrueHoustonEmcee – BREAK

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

We all deserve a “break” in life. Take this BREAK before you go!
This album is the result of me taking a break from the usual boombap/lo-fi beats and is carefully constructed to be chill, relaxing and energetic as well! Featuring breakbeats and samba/bossa samples with original drum work added. I really enjoyed creating this project and hope you enjoy it.
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Limited Edition Cassette Tapes available as well.