Type.Raw – See You [Beat Tape] [2019]

Type.Raw – See You [Beat Tape]
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01. See You (feat. Es-K)
02. Reaching for the Stars (feat. Robot Orchestra)
03. Jazzy Session (feat. Loot Fattig, Alcynoos, Odyssee, Aywee Tha Seed, Dj 0Pa rental)
04. Catch Fish (feat. Axian)
05. Reminisce (feat. Es-K)
06. Need Some Love (feat. Robot Orchestra)
07. Power Moves (feat. Loot Fattig & Geometry)
08. Scandinavian Vibes (feat. Jhas)
09. Magic Blomst (feat. Loot Fattig)
10. One Hit (feat. Filliboom & Ras K)
11. Reprogram (feat. Filliboom)
12. One Tempo
13. Cut Off
14. Memories
15. Late Night Biz (feat. BluntOne)
16. Outraw

Type.Raw – See You