Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery [E.P.] [2019]

Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery [E.P.]
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01. Showtime
02. I’m Thru
03. Why I Came To You
04. MJ (feat. Fawna)

Illa J & Atamone – The Bakery

Also Available On: Double 7 Inch Gatefold

When good friends come together in synergy to create art, magic happens. In that space when we’re comfortable to be ourselves, raw and vulnerable, creativity can flow organically. This is exemplified in The Bakery from Montreal producer Atamone and M.C. vocalist and beat maker Illa J. With an audible nod to classic hip hop production Atamone skillfully drizzles in the sweet and soulful foundations while Illa J brings the verbal icing. Each track will take its turn being your favourite so bake at 420 for 12 minutes, let cool and let the feast for your ears melt you like butter cream.