INFNTLP – Ways Of Seeing [Beat Tape] [2014]

INFNTLP – Ways Of Seeing [Beat Tape]
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01. WindowsOpen
02. Alternate
03. I Found You
04. House Rules
05. Vomit
06. Re-Do
07. GraceJonesInterlude
08. Requiem
09. Blur (Tear Drops)
10. Sunshine (For Aunt Carrie)
11. Awake
12. 4D
13. Santanas Town
15. Pearl Gates (Outro)

INFNTLP – Ways Of Seeing

Also Available On: Ways Of Seeing [Cassette]

You probably know INFNTLP (pronounced Infinite Loop) for his Atlas EP previously released on Urban Waves. Today our favorite beatmaker from Omaha, Nebraska is back with his new project titled “Ways Of Seeing”. With a clever use of lo-fi samples he went all the way pushing the definition of visual music. In fact this raw beat tape is very imaginative and will remind you just how far an hip hop album can go when it comes to immersion. So let the music guide you and let your mind be free for the next 40 minutes for this is quite the experience.

Also feel free to pay what you want or don’t, the download is courtesy of Urban Waves. But note that for the occasion we made a beautiful and limited cassette. So if you want to show some support and own the music on an authentic format on which the listen is perfected you’ll also be happy to find out the privilege of having 3 unique tracks that can only be heard on the tape!

We are very proud and pleased to bring you this astonishing album and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

With love
~Urban Waves

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