Pawcut – Moonshine Madness [Beat Tape] [2019]

Pawcut – Moonshine Madness [Beat Tape]
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01. White Lightning
02. Skull Cracker
03. Hillybilly Pop
04. Moonshine
05. Block & Tackle
06. Stumphole
07. Hooch
08. Rise’ N Shine
09. Kickapoo

Pawcut – Moonshine Madness

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette C30

Deep in the woods , where you need a canoe to get through the swamp past mammoth trees , the south is not that comfy anymore . At the place where they make the moonshine at night to the sound of the banjo and a bottleneck guitar … Three 6 Mafia and Tom Waits have a sample while Ry Cooder is doing his slides . Outside in the distance you can hear the crickets and a groovebox knocking .
Moonshine Madness is Pawcut’s latest beattape themed around the art of bootlegging .