Defizit – Growth Spurt [Beat Tape] [2019]

Defizit – Growth Spurt [Beat Tape]
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01. History Repeats
02. Feed Your Head
03. Tear Shit Up
04. Es Un Sufrir
05. Not The One
06. Forgive Me
07. Thanks For Everything
08. Get Busy
09. Inspired By Life
10. Musical Masterpiece
11. Nice & Mellow
12. Money, Greed, & Lust
13. Coincidence
14. Divided States Of America
15. Out With The Old
16. How Many Times

Defizit – Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt features 16 crucial Central Valley beats from Stockton, California’s Defizit. Released on the Cold Busted label, the album by the self-described ‘beatmaker/producer/taco truck aficionado’ delivers vinyl-poppin’ assemblages of rare samples, smooth loops, and tough drum licks. More developed than a mere beats-album, Growth Spurt simmers and flows through its sixteen cuts, providing a heady jam for late night cruising or musing.

Among the highlights are the lounge-jazz-turned-space-funk cut “Feed Your Head”; “Not The One” with its moody string motifs mixed over hip hop drops and scratches; the dreamy acoustic boom-bap of “Get Busy”; and the intricately arranged samples in the pensive “Money, Greed & Lust”. Laid-back and fresh, Defizit’s Growth Spurt is the gift that keeps on giving.