SNAFU – Now This Is Happening [Instrumental Album] [2019]

SNAFU – Now This Is Happening [Instrumental Album]
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01. Polynausea: Intro
02. Darling
03. Ticket to ride / Chicken thighs (Scott Thorough on Bass)
04. Kool interlude
05. Fish ‘n’ Chips: Hawk Gloves at the Comicon
06. Chamberpot Music (Eli Lake on Viola)
07. Kickin’ Live
08. The Ceaseless Hunger
09. Return to Sender (The Slums of Mediocrity on Vocals, Dan Fisher on Bass)
10. All Your Heroes Were Villains (Scott Thorough on Vocals)
11. Beef Stupid
12. New Yolk
13. Idle Hands
14. Phantom Tollbooth
15. When the Tripods Came
16. Sunday Gravy
17. Triple Lindy
18. Night Shift
19. Dead Ends
20. Holly Would
21. Big Jerk Jerry
22. Yellow Bric Road (Dan Fisher on Bass)
23. Bonus Track: An Influx of Aether

SNAFU – Now This Is Happening

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette