Chameleon Sessions – Baobab Dubbings [Beat Tape] [2019]

Chameleon Sessions – Baobab Dubbings [Beat Tape]
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01. Welcome to a listening…
02. Correction
03. Inception Pass
04. Clouty
05. Anode/Cathode
06. BraikNex
07. ThShpShftr
08. Chant of 65% Swimg
09. LoMein
10. Into the Chasm

Chameleon Sessions – Baobab Dubbings

Also Available On: Baobab Dubbings analog cassette

The third official full length release of Chameleon Sessions. Baobab Dubbings is a “compilation” of three CS monikers; Mushussu, Furcifer and Beats by Jan. This tape is comprised of BoomBap, LoFi, and Funk instrumental music. These beats did not really fit conceptually in any of the past or upcoming CS releases, but make a great beat tape combined.