petunie – support your local feelings [Beat Tape] [2018]

petunie – support your local feelings [Beat Tape]
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01. before everything disappears
02. the sun is falling down
03. simpler times
04. you_re my quicksand
05. blurred memories
06. brief glimpses of beauty
07. this little space in between
08. nighty night
09. distant
10. one day at a time
11. support_your_local_feelings [side.a]
12. support_your_local_feelings [side.b]

petunie – support your local feelings

Also Available On: Limited edition c30 cassette + digital

“Support your local feelings”

is about letting the little things in life take shape.
It’s about recovering peace in the simplicity and appreciate
what is often ignored.

Essentially, it’s about dreaming..not about far away lands, but dreaming about the little signs of beauty..the ones that are close to us, next to us..present in our everyday life.

The artist paints images, landscapes and emotions using a beautiful balanced palette mix of organic and synthesised sounds, on a cinematic journey similar to “Boards of Canada” artistry.